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LEGO 2K Drive Trophy/Achievement Guide

– WORK IN PROGRESS – Thumby’s Essential Information 100% Difficulty 5+/10 (Skill Dependent)Estimated time to 100%: 45+ hours (25+ potential hours “Rubber Band Driving”) Roadmap Step 1: Complete the STORY Here you will want to focus on completing the STORY. Doing this will reveal the locations to a lot of events, side quests, on-the-gos, etc […]

Lego Incredibles Trophy/Achievement Guide

Lego Incredibles Trophy/Achievement Guide Thumbys Essential Information Platinum/100% Difficulty 1/5  Estimated time to Platinum/100%: 20 Hours Introduction Lego Incredibles is a fairly short LEGO game compared to others in the past but presents itself well and offers lots to do after the story. The game offers 12 levels and takes place during the first and […]

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Trophy Guide – HTG

Platinum Difficulty: 2/5 Estimated Time to Platinum: 10 – 15 hours Don’t Ruin the Moment – Collect all the Trophies (Platinum) Once you have collected all other trophies you will have your shiny new Platinum Trophy. Congratulations!! Legacy Found – Complete the Game (Silver) Story Related Cannot be Missed. You will unlock this trophy upon […]

LEGO 2K Drive Trophy/Achievement Guide

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trophy/Achievement Guide – HTG

Thumby’s Essential Information Platinum/100% Difficulty: 1/5 Estimated Time to Platinum/100%: 25+ hours     Step 1: Complete all 12 The Force Awakens Story Missions, Prologue and Epilogue included The first thing you should do is complete all 12 Force Awakens missions in Story Mode. Along the way you should try to collect as many minikits […]

LEGO 2K Drive Trophy/Achievement Guide

LEGO Dimensions Trophy/Achievement Guide – HTG

LEGO Dimensions Trophy/Achievement Guide from HappyThumbsGaming – This is a WORK IN PROGRESS – WE WILL BE ADDING TO IT ONCE WE GET THE GAME SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 27th 2015 Thumby’s Essential Information Platinum/100% Difficulty: 1.5/5 Estimated Time to Platinum/100%: 15-20 hours Note: Please Note that this guide was written entirely using ONLY the the base […]

LEGO 2K Drive Trophy/Achievement Guide