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Lego Worlds Trophy/Achievement Guide – HTG

Lego Worlds Trophy/Achievement Guide – HTG


Thumby’s Essential Information – THIS GUIDE IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS

Platinum/100% Difficulty: 1/5
Estimated Time to Platinum/100%: 30+ hours

Step 1:

 In this step you’ll want to try and collect 100 gold bricks and earn as many miscellaneous trophies as possible (ie. Ride a pig). During this step you’ll also want to scan many animals and vehicles as well as open a lot of item chests. This will save time later on.

Step 2:

Legendary Bricks are the next step. After collecting all of these and you are nearly complete.

Step 3: 

Cleanup. Any trophies you may have missed along the way should come quite easily. 


(DLC Trophies can be found at the bottom of the base game trophy guide)



  • be sure to save often as at times frames wild drop in certain areas and can crash the game.
  • several items chests can be opened more than once.
  • jumping around underground or in buildings can teleport you to the surface.
  • As of right now the “Billionaire” trophy appears to be glitched.


Master of Master Builders! – Collect all of the Trophies (Platinum)

Once you have unlocked all other Trophies you will have your shiny new Platinum Trophy. Congratulations!!!

Pirate Playground Professional – Complete the Pirate Playground World (Bronze/10G)

Story related, cannot be missed!

Prehistoric Protector – Complete the Prehistoric Peril World (Bronze/10G)

Story related, cannot be missed!

Candy Custodian – Complete the Candy Custodian Capers World (Bronze/10G)

Story related, cannot be missed!

Champion of Companions – Tame and have two pets following you at the same time (Bronze/10G)

Animals are everywhere and most of them can be tamed. To tame an animal you’ll need to find one that wants an item like a shark. A shark will want a fish if you are able to tame it. Simply give an animal what they want and they should start following you. Do this for 2 animals of your choice and the trophy will pop.

Tremendous Vehicular Terraformer – Use the terraforming abilities of all capable vehicles (Bronze/10G)

Terraforming vehicles are vehicles that can alter the terrain. You will need to destroy a little bit of terrain with each for the trophy to pop. While playing we recommend scanning each vehicle you find. The vehicles you’ll need are listed below. Most of them can be found quite easily by just exploring but you may miss the “Creator Lawnmower”. It can be found in any town.

  • Arctic Snow Plough
  • Articulated Digger
  • Drillex’s Driller
  • Fire Blaster
  • Thunder Driller
  • Cole’s Earth Driller
  • Creator Lawnmower
  • Small Digger
  • Road Roller

Insane Stunts! – Get 5 seconds of continuous air time (not including of the edge of the world) (Bronze/10G)

Using the Landscape tool build a tower incredibly high up, spawn a vehicle with the discovery tool and drive off!

Proficient Parkour Prowess – 15 seconds of consecutive climbing, jumping or back-flipping (Bronze/10G)

Using the Landscape tool build a fairly large and climb up.

The Great and Grand Grappler – Accumulate 10+ seconds of consecutive zip time with the grapple gun in one sessions (Bronze/10G)

The Grappler requires 30 Gold Bricks to use. For this you’ll need to travel to a location like a town or a forest for example. You’ll want to start a fair distance away from something tall you’d like to grapple to. Once you press square to grapple and are in mid flight you’ll want to quickly grapple onto something else like a tree or house without touching the ground. Stay in the grapple animation for 10 seconds while changing grapple points and the trophy will unlock. The simplest term can be used is… Be Spider-man! Or maybe just watch the video…

Creature Comforts – Ride 4 different creatures within 60 seconds (Bronze/10G)

During your travels be sure to scan 4 different kinds of animals and make sure you’ve purchased them. From there use the Landscape tool to make a large enough hold in the ground to prevent any animals from escaping but small enough to where chasing them isn’t difficult. From there spawn 4 animals and start jumping on their backs until you’ve jumped on all 4.

All Biomed Out – Find all the Biomes (Bronze/20G)

There are a total of 21 biomes in Lego Worlds and most will come naturally while playing. If you happen to have 100 Gold Bricks and are still missing some head over to the create a world tab and it will show all the biomes you’ve discovered. Below is a list of all the biomes.

  • Fantasy Forest
  • Dusty Dunes
  • Playful Prairie
  • Lawless Lagoon
  • Fearsome Frontier
  • Watchful Wilderness
  • Merry Meadows
  • Fungus Forest
  • Curious Canyon
  • Rowdy Rain forest
  • Polar Plains
  • Falling Forest
  • Junkyard Jungle
  • Whispering Woodland
  • Perilous Peaks
  • Ornamental Orchard
  • Wicked Wasteland
  • Crystal Crags
  • Weird Woods
  • Frosty Forest
  • Dessert Desert

Ravenous Stud Collector – Collect 60,000+ studs in a single streak (no more than a 2 second gap between each stud collected) (Bronze/10G)

There are several ways about getting this and this may come naturally throughout your travels. The earliest opportunity that came up was a lady looking for a carrot launcher. After trading with her she gave us over 60,000 studs. Purchasing high value items from the Night Trader and selling them back will also work. If either of these methods don’t appear to work, when you’re looking for the legendary bricks there will be 2-4 chests with at least 60,000 in each.

Champion of Combat Capers – Defeat 7 enemies in a streak (with a maximum 12 second gap in between) (Bronze/10G)

Fighting enemies can be tough in hand to hand combat so you’ll need to find something stronger to help out. Weapons can be traded, bought from the night trader and found in item chests. We recommend using a pistol or launcher of some sort. Also make sure you have some sort of enemy scanned with the discovery tool like a skeleton. From there dig a hole using the Landscape tool, spawn 7 or more enemies. Stand outside the hold and shoot away!

The Ultimate Skydiver! – Skydive from the highest point possible to the lowest possible point! (Bronze/20G)

Using the Landscape tool and setting it to the largest size build a tower until it you won’t let you anymore. Next to this tower dig a hole as deep as possible. From there climb or fly your way up and jump off and land at the bottom of the hole.

Into the Abyss – Dive Continually for 3+ minutes (Bronze/10G)

Locate a body of water and stay under for 3+ minutes. You’ll need a character to can breathe underwater. The earliest this can be done is in the first tutorial level with the astronaut.

Flying Paintbrush – Splat a seagull with the paint-ball gun while it’s mid-flight (Bronze/10G)

Seagulls can be found in many locations and you’ll encounter them often. They don’t need to be tamed so simply scan and discover once you spot one. Locating a paint-ball gun how ever requires a little bit of luck. In the junkyard biome you’ll encounter characters from time to time who want a paintball gun. This often suggests the item is nearby. Paint-ball guns can be found nearby in item chests and can even be purchased from the night trader. After finding one, spawn a seagull and shoot it with the paint-ball gun while it’s in flight.

Duet – Play an instrument next to another player, who’s playing a different instrument (Bronze/10G)

There are various instruments and several ways to acquire them. Instruments can be obtained by trading with characters, purchased from the night trader and found in item chests. While the trophy does say play with another player this can be done after trading an instrument to a character and then pulling out another instrument and start playing. Characters who receive instruments will start playing them. An easier method is to either put in another controller or have someone join online to help out. Below is a list of instruments.

  • Electric Guitar
  • Trumpet
  • Saxophone
  • Bagpipes

Highland Coo! – Play bagpipes to a brown bull (Bronze/10G)

The first step towards this is getting bagpipes. They can be found in item chests, purchased from the night trader or given to by a character after trading. Brown Bull’s appeared to be fairly rare but can be found in the Fearsome Frontier biome. Pull out the bagpipes and hold circle to start playing!

Trumpet Trunk Trumpeter – Play the trumpet to an Elephant (Bronze/10G)

The first step towards this is getting a trumpet. It can be found in item chests, purchased from the night trader or given to by a character after trading. Elephants can be found in the Savanna biome. Whip out the trumpet and hold circle to start playing!

Pied Piper of Squirreldom – Have 5 squirrels following you around at the same time (Bronze/10G)

Similar to the “Champion of Companions” trophy, this time you’ll need 5 squirrels following you. We recommend scanning them and then spawning them to make it easier. There are different colors of squirrels and they can be found in the Fantasy Forest, Whispering Woodland, Watchful Wilderness and Falling Forest biomes. The most common one is the brown one which requires nuts to tame. Nuts can be found in item chests, purchased from the night trader or given to by characters after a trade. Simply spawn 5 squirrels and give each a nut.

Pink Steed – Chase down and ride a pig (Bronze/10G)

Pigs are fairly common in each world and the earliest this can be done is in the first tutorial level. Simply chase a pig down and press Triangle to jump on its back.

Fluffy Steed – Chase down and ride a Sheep (Bronze/10G)

Sheep can be found in the Merry Meadows or Playful Prairie biomes. You will most likely find this naturally. Chase one down and press triangle to hop on.

A Well-Trained Dragon – Blow up another player with a ridden Dragon Fire ball (Bronze/10G)

Dragons are very rare and something to look out for while exploring. They can be found in the Wicked wasteland or the Perilous Peaks biomes. From there either put in another controller or find a friend to help and blow them up while riding the dragon. If you cannot find a dragon at all, here’s a guaranteed seed that can be put in to locate a golden dragon. This method will require you to have at least 50 Golden Bricks.

  • Seed Golden Dragon world: 741-318-963 F (make sure the galactic zone is F, don’t type that in with the numbers)
  • Coordinates: X15 Y85 Z-17

Rank – Learner Builder! – Start your Adventure! (Bronze/10G)

Story related, cannot be missed!

Rank – Discoverer Builder! – Collect 3 Gold Bricks (Bronze/10G)

Story related, cannot be missed!

Rank – Explorer Builder! – Collect 10 Gold Bricks (Bronze/10G)

Story related, cannot be missed!

Rank – Observer Builder! – Collect 15 Gold Bricks (Bronze/10G)

Please refer to “Rank – Master Builder!!!”

Rank – Finder Builder! – Collect 20 Gold Bricks (Bronze/15G)

Please refer to “Rank – Master Builder!!!”

Rank – Traveler Builder! – Collect 25 Gold Bricks (Bronze/15G)

Please refer to “Rank – Master Builder!!!”

Rank – Navigator Builder! – Collect 30 Gold Bricks (Bronze/20G)

Please refer to “Rank – Master Builder!!!”

Rank – Collector Builder! – Collect 40 Gold Bricks (Bronze/20G)

Please refer to “Rank – Master Builder!!!”

Rank – Adventurer Builder! – Collect 50 Gold Bricks (Bronze/30G)

Please refer to “Rank – Master Builder!!!”

Rank – Advanced Builder! – Collect 65 Gold Bricks (Bronze/30G)

Please refer to “Rank – Master Builder!!!”

Rank – Expert Builder! – Collect 80 Gold Bricks (Bronze/40G)

Please refer to “Rank – Master Builder!!!”

Rank – Master Builder!!! – Collect 100 Gold Bricks (Gold/50G)

Gold bricks can be located almost everywhere and are easy to get, not to mention there’s over 100 so don’t worry if you missed one. Below is a list of Gold Brick locations.

  • Characters – Often times they will carry Gold Bricks on and them they will show up on the mini map. These people will have quests available. These quests range from simply giving them an item, changing the color of something, freeing a traded character, gathering animals, etc.
  • Item chests – This is one of the most reliable options for getting Gold Bricks. Chests can be located nearly everywhere. To find them they have a large orange beam of light coming down from the sky suggesting that there’s a chest there. They can also be located on the mini map.
  • Night Trader – The Night Trader has a chance of selling a Gold Brick after all heart upgrades have been purchased.

*There is a item chest duplication glitch where chests can be spawned over and over, this can help get gold bricks quickly but there are a limited amount of them in chests. Refer to the “Billionaire” trophy for a walk through on how to do the glitch.*

Civilization! – Find and walk around a town (Bronze/10G)

Sooner or later you’ll discover a town. Simply walk into a town and the trophy will pop. If you want to find out if your current world has a town it can be discovered after landing and looking at the world map by pausing. There will be a little icon that looks like a lego clock which tells you weather or not there’s a town. Towns can also be located via the mini map or by looking for a large darker blue beam of light.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! – Find an item in a chest (Bronze/15G)

Item chests are located everywhere and this will come naturally. Item chests can be located via the mini map and by looking for large orange beams of light.

Photogenic – Take a picture of a posing character (Bronze/10G)

After collecting 15 Gold bricks the camera will unlock. There are quests given by characters where they want you to take a picture of them with the item they choose after accepting the quest. The item they are looking for could be an animal or even another character. The posing character will follow you until the object is located. From there hold circle and make sure the posing character and the object are both in frame and snap away!

Legendary 1×1 Brick – Find the (Bronze/20G)

Please refer to “Legendary 3×3 Corner Brick” for more info.

Legendary 1×2 Brick – Find the (Bronze/20G)

Please refer to “Legendary 3×3 Corner Brick” for more info.

Legendary 2×2 Brick – Find the (Bronze/20G)

Please refer to “Legendary 3×3 Corner Brick” for more info.

Legendary 2×3 Brick – Find the (Bronze/20G)

Please refer to “Legendary 3×3 Corner Brick” for more info.

Legendary 2×4 Brick – Find the (Silver/30G)

Please refer to “Legendary 3×3 Corner Brick” for more info.

Legendary 1×2 Slope Brick – Find the (Bronze/20G)

Please refer to “Legendary 3×3 Corner Brick” for more info.

Legendary 2×2 Slope Brick – Find the (Bronze/20G)

Please refer to “Legendary 3×3 Corner Brick” for more info.

Legendary 1×3 Slope Brick – Find the (Bronze/20G)

Please refer to “Legendary 3×3 Corner Brick” for more info.

Legendary 2×3 Slope Brick – Find the (Bronze/20G)

Please refer to “Legendary 3×3 Corner Brick” for more info.

Legendary 1×4 Slope Brick – Find the (Bronze/20G)

Please refer to “Legendary 3×3 Corner Brick” for more info.

Legendary 2×4 Slope Brick – Find the (Bronze/20G)

Please refer to “Legendary 3×3 Corner Brick” for more info.

Legendary 1x2x3 Slope Brick – Find the (Bronze/20G)

Please refer to “Legendary 3×3 Corner Brick” for more info

Legendary 2x2x3 Slope Brick – Find the (Bronze/20G)

Please refer to “Legendary 3×3 Corner Brick” for more info.

Legendary 2×2 Corner Brick – Find the (Bronze/20G)

Please refer to “Legendary 3×3 Corner Brick” for more info.

Legendary 3×3 Corner Brick – Find the (Bronze/20G)

For those looking for the easy way, please disregard this paragraph. In order to find Legendary Bricks you will need to find legendary 4 legendary coordinate fragments per legendary brick. Now there are 15 legendary bricks mean you’ll have to find 60 fragments. Once you have 4 of a set place them on the ground to create a QR code. You’ll need a phone to figure out what the codes are from there. These codes are seeds and coordinates to find the legendary bricks.


Below is a list of all the seeds and coordinates. You will need at least 80 Gold Bricks to go to these locations. The seeds (codes listed below) and coordinates are the same. Simply input them into the search bar when going to a new world. If you aren’t sure if you found it, they are large golden bricks with 2-4 chests located around them and 1 item chest. To earn the trophies just go near the chests.

  • 1×1 Brick: x42y42z42
  • 1×2 Brick: x-155y26z-235
  • 2×2 Brick: x-244y30z-244
  • 2×3 Brick: x13y33z31
  • 2×4 Brick: x100y75z225
  • 1×2 Slope Brick: x-15y16z17
  • 1×3 Slope Brick: x191y30z-99
  • 1×4 Slope Brick: x77y27z-77
  • 2×2 Slope Brick: x127y12z-69
  • 2×3 Slope Brick: x79y74z89
  • 2×4 Slope Brick: x105y65z-105
  • 1x2x3 Slope Brick: x12y34z56
  • 2x2x3 Slope Brick: x-201y36z-21
  • 2×2 Corner Brick: x0y13z123
  • 3×3 Corner Brick: x182y13z0

Hopping Hot and High – Bounce on Lava 7 times consecutively (Silver/30G)

Locate some lava and jump into it. This will make you bounce. Bounce 7 times for the trophy. The earliest this can be on is in the second tutorial level.

Full Scale Musical – Play all the musical note bricks within 10 seconds (Bronze/10G)

There are a couple ways of going about this. During our travels we found a piano gun which allowed us to make regular bricks into musical bricks with random notes. There’s also the Giant Piano Keyboard which can be found in an item chest. This was the easiest way we found to do this. Spawn the Giant Piano Keyboard and slowly jog across each key. Sprinting will prevent all the keys from making their sounds. You have 10 seconds so don’t rush too much.

Dark, Dank and Dangerous – Find a Dungeon (Bronze/15G)

Dungeons are more rare than towns but if you travel a lot they should appear sooner or later. If you aren’t sure there’s a dungeon in your current world, pause the game and look at the world map. There will be a Lego dungeon gate icon indicating if there’s a dungeon. If there is they can be see via the mini map as a red dot or a red beam of light while exploring. Simply get close enough to one and the trophy will pop.

Land Shark! – Ride a Shark on Land (Bronze/10G)

Sharks can be located in large bodies of water. Dive down until you find one, they can also be seen on the mini map. Jump on one by pressing triangle near it and swim to land and jump around.

Designer’s Delight – Collect all the Brick Elements (Silver/20G)

This will most likely be one of the final trophies earned. Brick Elements are bricks used to build using the Build Tool. Brick Elements can only be obtained by chasing down Troublemaker’s and by finding them in item chests. While chasing Troublemaker’s make sure to avoid bodies of water and lava to avoid the Troublemaker from either escaping or dropping it into lava. To figure out which ones you’re missing, simply select the Build Tool and press triangle. The final tab will contain windows and other home add-on’s, these are NOT needed for the trophy.

Troublemaker’s Takedown – Catch a Troublemaker (Bronze/10G)

Troublemaker’s can be found everywhere and this will naturally. Roughly every 10-20 one will spawn and it can be seen on the mini map where they are and if there is one. Chase one down and press circle once close enough to catch him.

Bartering, Banter and Balloons! – Buy something from the night trader (Bronze/10G)

The Night trader only comes at night and can be located by a cyan beam of light. After you find her, buy anything.

Billionaire! – Collect a Billion studs (Silver/40G)

Currently there is no known legit way to speed up the way of collecting studs and this could be the last trophy you need. Simply collect studs by finding chests, destroying things, etc.


As of right now there is a glitch that could be patched in a later update but as of right now there is a glitch which allows you to get 1 billion studs in about 2-4 hours of stud chest opening (not including place). For the most part it’s quite simple, it just requires a lot of time, patience, 80 gold bricks and the help of a friend. Using the following steps below should help and if not just refer to the video.

How to step up infinite stud glitch:

  1. Go to a legendary brick location. (One you haven’t been to yet, this requires 80 gold bricks minimum.)
  2. Locate one of the 2 stud chests. These are needed for the glitch since we will be duplicating them and each of them holds 60,000 studs.
  3. Pull out the Free Build Tool, hold Triangle and move over to the objects tab located at the top.
  4. Press square to delete the current item that’s ready to be placed.
  5. Move the in game cursor over to the stud chest. Red lines should appear around the chest.
  6. Hold square, DO NOT press since this will delete the chest. While holding square press X.
  7. Put the tool away and pull it out again. You should know be able to place the chest over and over.

Once the glitch is set up, player 1 can place the chest down and when player 2 smashes the chest they will receive 60,000. The player who placed the chest will not receive any studs from breaking their own chest. There is a work around for this for player 2 however. Player 2 can place chests down, leave the game and return. Doing this allows player 2 to open their own chests and receive studs but once player 2 leaves at any point, their studs will reset to 0.

For the Trophy is pop for 1 or both players, each will need to hit 1 billion within the same sitting. This will take a long time! We found doing some landscaping and placing tons of chests down was the quickest way. In total you’ll need about 16,667 chests assuming you collect every single stud. Once chests have been placed it should take roughly 2-4 hours of constant smashing to get to 1 billion.

*IMPORTANT* If you do this glitch be prepared for tons of frame drops. Don’t place too many chests in 1 single location as the frame drop-page could get really bad and ultimately crash the game so making a back up save before smashing would be highly recommended.

*Glitch within a glitch?* This may not work for you but after clearing a large section of chests and than walking away for about 5-10 seconds, then returning can respawn some of the chests.

***In case of a patch, if you own a disc copy of the game, delete the game and reinstall it. Delete the patch once it starts downloading. This will allow you to perform the chest glitch but when going for the “Billionaire” trophy, only player 2 should be able to receive studs.***

BADGER! – Ride a Badger (Bronze/10G)

Badgers can be found in the Falling Forest biome and we’ve encountered several near dungeons. Find one and press triangle next to it to ride it.

DLC: Monsters Pack 

 It’s Alive! – Create a single custom character, using a part from each of the new monster characters (Bronze/10G)

There is a total of 11 characters in this pack and an extra character can be acquired using the code X29VTY which unlocks the Mad scientist. Man Bat can be found after building a Monster Graveyard which can be unlocked from the Main menu after purchasing the DLC. Create a custom character using a different part from the characters below.

  • Banshee
  • Chicken Suit Guy
  • Fly Monster
  • Gothic Man
  • Gothic Woman
  • Lord Vampyre’s Bride
  • Man Bat
  • Good and Evil
  • Skeleton Guy
  • Spooky Boy
  • Witch
  The Mayor of Monsterville – Stake a claim to Monster Town by playing as the classic Vampire character in the Monsters pack (Gold/50G)

The classic vampire isn’t part of the Monsters DLC and if you don’t already have it you’ll have to go find him. Go to the world search and look for world 118-127-316 and zone G. Once you get there near the edge of the map will be a large house in the spooky forest biome. Once there you’ll find a man needing you to build a monster camp. After completing his quest there will be a chest around the house which will give you a red potion, you will need this. Next there will be a lady in the front of the house who will also need your help. Complete the 2 tasks she gives you and then go back the guy you helped before. Give him the potion you got before, and he will give you a wooden sword. His next task will be for you to defeat the vampire that spawns. Defeat the vampire using the sword. Now vampires will spawn in the spooky forest. Since you should already be in this biome just go look around for one and defeat it. Now you can use the classic vampire. Return to the Monster pack DLC world and become the vampire to unlock the trophy.

 Monster Mash – Play a guitar solo in the Monster Biome stage area in front of the crowd (Bronze/10G)

Assuming you already have a guitar from playing the vanilla game you can find the stage area outside of the town. It’s obvious once you find it. Hop on the stage and start playing the guitar.

 Colour me Spooked – Use the paintball gun to splatter paint on all the new monster characters (Silver/20G)

Assuming you already have the paintball gun from the vanilla game just run around in the town and shoot any monster you see. All the characters can be found in the town except the Man Bat and Mad Scientist.

Sucker For Love – Collect Vampire & Lord Vampyre’s Bride, then place them together in the Monsters castle (Silver/20G)

See Mayor of Monsterville if you don’t have the classic Vampire. Lord Vampyre’s Bride can be just about anywhere, even in the castle. Complete her task to unlock her (Throughout the world she gives out different tasks, some easier than others.). Monsters castle can be found just outside of the town. It’s hard to miss as it sits on tall stone pillars. Spawn both and trophy should appear. If it doesn’t there is a door in the castle that will drop you down into lower chambers. Spawn them here and the trophy will pop.

There you go guys… our LEGO Worlds Trophy/Achievement Guide. If you have any questions or comments about this guide, the game in general, or anything in general, feel free to ask them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, or in the comments below and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. While you’re on the above pages be sure to like us, follow us, and subscribe to us to stay up to date on the latest news and information that we have for you guys. Also be sure to follow us on Twitch so you will know when we livestream and on Instagram so you can see all our awesome pictures. We hope you find this LEGO Marvel’s Avengers guide useful and are enjoying the game!!!



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