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BooYaKaShouw (Boo-Yaw-Kuh-sh-ou’)

BooYaKaShouw Sticker

So a lot of you have asked “what is that thing you say at the beginning of every video?” or have attempted to say or spell it in conversations “quickshaw” … so we figured we should explain it a little and celebrate it with some new stickers!

BooYaKaShouw (Boo-Yaw-Kuh-sh-ou’) is something we say when we do something “awesome!” So like unlocking an “Achievement” or “Trophy” in a game will almost always be accompanied by a “BooYaKaShouw!!!” This can also be applied while playing sports or simply completing that long ridiculous homework that was keeping your thumbs from being happy! So say it loud and say it proud … BOOYAKASHOUW!

We of course label almost all of our Social Media posts with the “#BooYaKaShouw” hash tag so we can all share our stories. We will most likely add some picture below of your BooYaKaShouw stickers and where you place them. If you have a BooYaKaShouw story.. comment below or better yet send us a link to your video telling us about it and we just might add it below to our collection in the making!



– (HTG) Staff


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