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LEGO Dimensions Trophy/Achievement Guide – HTG

LEGO Dimensions Trophy/Achievement Guide – HTG



LEGO Dimensions Trophy/Achievement Guide from HappyThumbsGaming

– This is a WORK IN PROGRESS –


Thumby’s Essential Information

Platinum/100% Difficulty: 1.5/5
Estimated Time to Platinum/100%: 15-20 hours

Note: Please Note that this guide was written entirely using ONLY the the base starter pack. NO extra characters were used from other packs/sets. This game CAN be platinumed using only the base starter pack. The following steps are written to represent the fastest and easiest possible way to get the Platinum.

Step 1: Build all three characters and the vehicle

Start off and build the three main characters, and then boot up the game. Note that you don’t actually have to build the portal if you don’t want to, the game will run the same with or without it. Start the story mode and the game will give you the instructions for how to build the Batmobile, once you build it you are ready for Story Mode.

Step 2: Play through Story Mode collecting minikits until you have 1,000,000 studs

Start off going through Story Mode as you normally would picking up all the minikits that you can, see the collectible guide for all 30 available minikits, until you have 1,000,000 studs to buy the x2 Red Brick. If you are looking to platinum this game as fast as possible then I recommend getting the Forever Alone Trophy on the first level to save some time and backtracking later.

Step 3: Obtain the x2 Red Multiplier Brick

Once you have the 1,000,000 studs head to the Lord of the Rings HUB area. Inside head straight and slightly to the left and you should see the red brick icon on your mini map. You will see a robot carrying the red brick that you will have to catch, easily do this by chasing him with any vehicle. Once you catch him you can buy the red brick from the main portal that you go to levels from. Step on the base with any character, the corresponding area to where the character is on the base, and press to bring up the menu.


Step 4: Continue through Story Mode

Once you have obtained and purchased the x2 red brick, make sure you turn it on in the extras menu, you can continue to play Story mode. To eliminate unnecessary backtracking be sure to follow the collectible guide to pick up all available minikits. Also try to pick up as many studs as you can to save time later.

Step 5: Unlock the level 2 upgrade for the Batmobile before Level 12, Prime Time.

Before you begin the 12th level, Prime Time, be sure you upgrade to the Batmobile Level 2 so that you can get a minikit at the end of the level, if not you will have to replay the whole story mission again. For more information on the cost of upgrading to level 2, please see the Holy Upgrades, Batman Trophy Description. Once you have unlocked upgrade #2 make sure you save that version to the toy tag so it will appear it game as the second version and not the first version. To do that simply highlight the second upgrade and hit to save it to the toy tag.

Step 6: Complete Story Mode

Once you have upgraded the Batmobile to level 2 and saved it to the Toy Tag you can continue and finish Story Mode.

Step 7: Collect all HUB world trophies

Now is the time to enter the Lego Movie, DC Comics, and L.O.T.R. HUB worlds and collect all of the HUB related trophies. In this step you will complete the 15 renovations, 5 races, and a quest. The races and quest shouldn’t take you too long to complete but you may have to grind for some coins depending on which renovations you decide to complete. See the list of renovations below for the cheapest ones.

Step 8: Cleanup/Miscellaneous Trophies

Now’s your chance to finish the Locate and Paint by number Puzzles, as well as beating the Aperture Science Enrichment Center in under 25 minutes and anything else you may have left to do in the HUB worlds. At the completion of this step you will have your shiny new Platinum Trophy, Congratulations!!!

Glitch Notes/Warnings:

– I’ve had a number of issues with the toy pad where if more than one character is on the same side, or a character and a vehicle, the game seems to freak out and glitch a lot so try to keep the characters separate.
1 - There's no Place Like... This

There’s no Place Like… This. – Complete ”Follow the LEGO Brick Road” (Bronze/25G)

STORY related and cannot be missed.

2 - Chroma Simpson

Chroma Simpson – Complete ”Meltdown at Sector 7-G” (Bronze/25G)

STORY related and cannot be missed.

3 - Of Mice and Chen

Of Mice and Chen – Complete ”Elements of Surprise” (Bronze/25G)

STORY related and cannot be missed.

4 - In the Nick of Timey-Wimey

In the Nick of Timey-Wimey  – Complete ”A Dalektable Adventure” (Bronze/25G)

STORY related and cannot be missed.

5 - Simply Walked Into... Metropolis

Simply Walked Into… Metropolis – Complete ”Painting the Town Black” (Bronze/25G)

STORY related and cannot be missed.

6 - Interdimensional Showdown

Interdimensional Showdown – Complete ”Once Upon A Time Machine in the West” (Bronze/25G)

STORY related and cannot be missed.

7 - GLaD to be out of There!

GLaD to be out of There! – Complete ”GLaD to See You” (Bronze/25G)

STORY related and cannot be missed.

8 - Riddle Me That!

Riddle Me That! – Complete ”Riddle-earth” (Bronze/25G)

STORY related and cannot be missed.

9 - Ghost... busted!

Ghost… busted! – Complete ”The Phantom Zone” (Bronze/25G)

STORY related and cannot be missed.

10 - Enter Your Initials AAA

Enter Your Initials: “AAA” – Complete ”All Your Bricks Are Belong To Us” (Bronze/25G)

STORY related and cannot be missed.

11 - Zoinks!

Zoinks! – Complete ”Mystery Mansion Mash-Up” (Bronze/25G)

STORY related and cannot be missed.

12 - Tri Again Next Time

Tri Again Next Time – Complete ”Prime Time” (Bronze/25G)

STORY related and cannot be missed.

13 - Tri Hard with a Vengeance!

Tri Hard with a Vengeance! – Complete ”The End is Tri” (Bronze/25G)

STORY related and cannot be missed.

14 - A Serious Loophole

A Serious Loophole – Complete ”The Final Dimension” (Bronze/25G)

STORY related and cannot be missed.

15 - Time to Break the Rules!

Time to Break the Rules! – Rebuild the LEGO Gateway (Bronze/5G)

STORY related and cannot be missed.
16 - Broke the Rules!

Broke the Rules! – Complete all STORY levels (Silver/75G)

STORY related and cannot be missed.
17 - The Keystone to Victory

The Keystone to Victory – Collect all of the Gateway Keystones (Bronze/25G)

Story Related and cannot be missed.
18 - Rare Artefacts, collected!

Rare Artefacts, collected! – Collect 30 Minikits from levels (Silver/50G)

Unfortunately there are only 30 minikits available to people that only bought the starter pack and there is no checkpoint system to skip to different points in the game, so if you miss one you will have to replay the entire level again. Since the game is setup without a checkpoint system I strongly recommend you follow the guide below as you play through the game to avoid any unnecessary backtracking. The locations of the minikits are as follows:

Follow the LEGO Brick Road Level

1) After breaking open and getting past the wagon, head to the far left, off the road and you will see three boxes. Use Wyldstyle to detect the hidden lego bricks and then use batman to pull the grapple hook and grab the minikit.

2) After jumping over the broken bridge with the batmobile, turn around and break the statue of the witch in the left corner. (1/5) Head up the path a little more and there will be another statue on the right side to break . (2/5) Head up the path a little further and on the left will be another statue to destroy. (3/5) Continue up the path and there will be another statue on the right to destroy. (4/5) Continue along the path and just in front of the drawn up bridge will be the last statue. (5/5)

Meltdown at Sector 7-G Level

3) While free falling there will be 5 birds to destroy that will get you a minikit. The first platform you land on will have two you flying around you can shoot, the second platform will have two you can shoot, one flying around and the second will be on the platform that you raise with the terminal on it, and the third platform will have one flying around that you can shoot.

4) During the boss battle with Joker jump over the fire on the left side and push the silver tower under the AC unit, then jump up and grab the minikit.

Elements of Surprise Level

5) At the very start of the level, in the top right corner is a door that you need a model 2 batmobile to open. Tear down the wall and the minikit will be inside.

A Dalektable Adventure Level


Painting the Town Black Level

6) After you take down the first purple barricade on the right, in front of you will be an orange truck on its side. Destroy the truck then use the batmobile to drive up the ramp and take out the tower.

7) Head to the far left and you will see an armored truck that Gandalf can open, hit the keystone and go through the pink portal to find the minikit.

8) Drive through the barricade with all the archers on it and take the first right, head all the way down to the end and then head towards the screen. On the right you will see a wire going down into a sewer, break the lego pieces to the right of it and build the batarang target for a minikit.

Once Upon a Time Machine in the West Level

9) When you start in front of the Kwik-E-Mart on the left is a wooden barricade to destroy. (1/5) On the other side of the area, by the save terminal, is the second one. (2/5) After you head through the Kwik-E-Mart the next one is on the left. (3/5) The last two are after you get over the carrier ship, they will both be on the right. (4/5) (5/5)

10) After you get over the carrier ship, in the back right corner will be a grapple point for Batman. Head up and down the path to find the minikit.

11) After getting taken to the top of Town Hall, on the right will be a bunch of items that you need Gandalf to get out of your way. After clearing the path follow it around and you will eventually clear some boxes to find a batarang symbol. Hit it for the minikit.

Aperture Science Enrichment Center Level

12) In the second level, in the middle of the room will be two doors. The left one you will open as part of the story, but the right one you can use Wyldstyle to reveal a batarang symbol. Climb up the agility wall inside to grab the minikit.

13) After meeting Wheatley you will have to open a pipe to escape, instead jump towards the screen, in front of the pipe, and you will see a platform. Use Wyldstyle to reveal a batarang symbol, once you hit it the minikit is yours.

14) In test chamber 9 you will have to reveal the yellow plate by shrinking down and going through a hole in the wall in the back. After you gain access to the yellow platform, use Gandalf to clear the blockage and grab the minikit.

Riddle-earth Level

15) After you open up the tower with the Batmobile and the keystone comes out, use Wyldstyle to jump up the wall inside and grab the minikit.

16) After you enter the second area underneath the stairs will be a purple box with a green question mark on top of it. (1/5) Follow the bottom wall and you will see the second one tucked in a corner. (2/5) The third one is on the fountain in the middle of the area. (3/5) The fourth one is on the top right ledge in the back right of the area. (4/5) The last one is to the left of the stairs that are being blocked by the big green barrier. (5/5)

17) In the same area as the riddle boxes there will be three doors that you will have to go through to progress with the story. Go through the big middle door and head around to the far right. At the end of the path you will see Brainiac but instead at the beginning of the path you will see some Lego bricks to break and rebuild. Use Batman to grapple to the top and break the boxes at the end for the minikit.

The Phantom Zone Level

18) At the start of the level in the front left corner is a ghostbuster sign you can destroy. (1/5) After breaking through the wall of cars, in the back right corner there will be a sign hidden in the corner. (2/5) Continue following the road until you see a closed DOCK gate on your left, in front of the gate is the sign. (3/5) The next sign is down the road to the right from the last one, in the bottom right corner. (4/5) When you come to the area with the flying police vehicle shooting at you, the sign will be in the bottom right corner of the area. (5/5)

19) At the start of the level at the top middle of the screen you will see a garbage truck with a grapple point on the back, pull it for a minikit.

All Your Bricks Belong to Us Level


Mystery Mansion Mash-Up Level

20) At the start of the level there will be three owls outside of the house that you can shoot, the first is to the left of the house on the little greenhouse. (1/3) The second is way up on the left side of the house, stand at the top of the stairs where you spawn and you should be able to hit it. (2/3) The last one is on the shack to the right of the house. (3/3)

21) Once inside the mansion to the left of the stairs and in front of the fire place will be a bunch of Lego pieces you can break and then put back together. Build them into the clock by the stairs and use Gandalf to spin the clock hands for the minikit.

Prime Time Level

22) After you hit the platform that flies you across the area, turn around and use Wyldstyle to reveal a chest with the minikit in it.

23) At the very end of the level, during the boss battle, in the back left corner will be another door with three grapple points that you need a level two batmobile to access. Pull open the door and grab the minikit.

The End is Tri Level

24) After you turn off the electricity jump on the newly available platform and head to the right. High above you will be a rock that you can shoot and break open. Pull the grapple point to grab the minikit.

25) After you arrive in Middle Earth head to the back right corner and you will see a grapple point, pull it then use Wyldstyle to climb the wall and grab the minikit.

26) After you climb up the wheel head over the right and there will be a cave you need Gandalf to light up, inside is the minikit.

27) During the fight with the Tri there will be 5 flying monkeys flying around above you. Shoot all five of them and the minikit is yours.

Final Dimension Level

28) After Vortech traps you for the second time forcing you to move the character you are playing as around the toy pad, there will be a minikit floating towards you at the bottom of the screen. If you land on him the second time you’ve missed it.

29) After the Doctor gives Vortech a little push and you land on solid ground, head to the front right corner. Use Batman’s Grapple hook to get to the top and break the statue. (1/5) The second statue is in the middle area on the left side. (2/5) The third statue is in the middle area on the right side .(3/5) The fourth statue is behind the throne in the middle of the map. (4/5) The last statue is behind you from where you spawned into the area, through the wall of fire. (5/5)

30) When you spawn on the small little platform off to the right will be a minikit that Gandalf can access, when you get close to the edge platforms will spawn.

The trophy will NOT unlock until you finish the level it seems, so if it doesn’t unlock right after collecting it, finish the level and it should.
19 - Na na na na na na na upgrades!

Na na na na na na na upgrades! – Upgrade the Batmobile to Model 2 (Bronze/25G)

To upgrade the Batmobile to model two you will first have to buy ten upgrades for the model 1 version, each one will cost you 15,000 studs. After you have spent the 150,000 studs on the ten upgrades you will have to unlock the second set for 10,000 studs as well. Once you do that the trophy will only unlock once you have saved the Model #2 to the toy tag. To do that simply highlight the second model and hit triangle and it will save to the toy tag. Once its saved the trophy will unlock.

20 - Holy Upgrades, Batman!

Holy Upgrades, Batman! – Upgrade the Batmobile to Model 3 (Bronze/50G)

To upgrade the Batmobile to model three you will first have to buy ten upgrades for the model 2 version, each one will cost you 20,000 studs. After you have spent the 200,000 studs on the three upgrades you will have to unlock the third model for 10,000 studs as well. Once you do that the trophy will only unlock once you have saved the Model #3 to the toy tag. To do that simply highlight the third model and hit triangle and it will save to the toy tag. Once it’s saved the trophy will unlock.
21 - Home, Sweet Home

Home, Sweet Home – Visit any Hub World for the First Time (Bronze/10G)

From the main Portal head to the left and take the elevator up, head into any of the portals. If you only have the Starter Pack then only the LEGO Movie, Lord of the Rings, and DC HUB worlds will be available to you. Head through any of the portals and the trophy will unlock soon after.
22 - Dimensional Explorer

Dimensional Explorer – Visit the homes of Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle (Bronze/25G)

The trophy description is a little misleading as you don’t have to visit the physical houses of each character, only there worlds. To get to each of the HUB worlds, from the main portal, head to the left and take the elevator up. Head into the Lord of the Rings, DC Comics, and LEGO Movie HUBs, upon entering the last world the trophy will unlock.
23 - Time for an Upgrade!

Time for an Upgrade! – Collect 5 Gold Bricks (Bronze/10G)

Story Related Cannot Be Missed. You get one gold brick for each level you complete, so at the latest you will unlock this upon completion of level 5.
24 - The Real Golden Master!

The Real Golden Master! – Collect 30 Gold Bricks (Bronze/25G)

By the end of the story you should have at least 15 gold bricks, possibly more depending on how many RuleBreakers you’ve achieved. You will also get one for completing a HUB race and one for completing a HUB quest bringing your total to a minimum of 17. If you picked up the x2 red brick as early as possible then you most likely have upwards of 20. Once you get to 20 gold bricks you can also access the Mystery Dimension, which will also net you another three gold bricks if you complete the 3 sets of three waves. For the last 5-10 gold bricks you can simply collect them from any combination of the HUB worlds or by achieving rule breaker status in levels that you previously didn’t, this takes way longer though. In the HUB world you can complete quests, races, or just simply find them laying about. Most of the gold bricks that are scattered around are fairly simple to obtain and shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. Once you have obtained your 30th gold brick the trophy will unlock.
25 - Dimensional Dasher

Dimensional Dasher – Complete a race in any of the hub worlds (Bronze/15G)

See the Pedal to the Metal trophy for more information.
26 - Pedal to the Metal

Pedal to the Metal – Complete 5 hub races (Silver/40G)

The easiest way to complete this trophy is complete the same race in the LEGO Movie HUB world five times in a row. Each race will take you between 20-25 seconds, getting you this entire trophy in 2-3 minutes, most single races take that long. To get to this specific race spawn into the LEGO Movie Hub and head up the stairs in front of you, head straight through the buildings and it will be the one in front of you on your minimap, it’s the race in front of the stairs that look like Q-bert steps. Once you have completed that race 5 times the trophy will unlock.

27 - The Heroes We Need

The Heroes We Need – Complete any hub world quest (Bronze/10G)

There are a number of HUB world quests, they are denoted by an ! on your minimap. If you spawn into the Lord of the Rings HUB there is one in the town that will simply require you to beat up three people, there is also a tour the city type one in the DC Comics HUB world off to the right as you spawn, and there is one in the LEGO Movie Hub right in front of you as you spawn from “fake” Batman. Once you complete the quest the trophy will unlock.
28 - Restoring Order

Restoring Order – Complete any hub world renovation (Bronze/15G)

See the Official Master Builder Trophy for more information.
29 - Official Master Builder

Official Master Builder – Complete 15 hub world renovations (Bronze/40G)

HUB world renovations are located in various numbers in each of the three HUB worlds, they are denoted by wrench icons on your mini map. The breakdown of prices and names of each renovation by HUB world are as follows:

Renovations in Lego Movie HUB

1) 25,000 Restore the Billboards
2) 10,000 Restore the Rainbow
3) 25,000 Jukebox
4) 25,000 Restore the Saloon
5) Unavailable in Starter Pack

Renovations in Gotham

1) 20,000 Restore Penguins Hideout
2) 90,000 Restore Artic World
3) 60,000 Fund the Wayne Manor Party
4) 90,000 Restore the Bat Symbol
5) 25,000 Jukebox
6) 5,000 Superman Statue
7) Unavailable in Starter Pack
8) Unavailable in Starter Pack
9) Unavailable in Starter Pack

Renovations in LOTR Hub World

1) 25,000 Jukebox
2) 40,000 Water Mill
3) 35,000 Crop Field
4) 55,000 Council Repair
5) 100,000 Restore Barad-dur
6) 45,000 Restore the Forge
7) 60,000 Restore the Argonath Statue
8) 50,000 Restore the Courtyard

30 - Taking the Tube

Taking the Tube – Travel through 20 rifts throughout the game (Bronze/25G)

If you are attempting to obtain the Platinum trophy, this will most likely come naturally through natural play. Rifts are the portals that you enter to travel to levels and HUB worlds. You will have traveled through 14 playing through the story, 3 to get to each HUB world, and 1 by replaying the Portal Level, Aperture Science enrichment Center, for a total of 18. All you will have to do is just enter a two levels or two HUB worlds again, or some mixture, and the trophy will unlock.
31 - Speedy Thing Goes In...

Speedy Thing Goes In… – Complete ”GLaD to See You” within 25 minutes (Bronze/25G)

This is the hardest trophy in the game and probably any lego game I’ve played in recent memory. The portal level is quite long and has a few unskippable cutscenes that really cut into your time, as a result you will have to be almost perfect throughout the entire level to make sure you beat it within 25 minutes. I had an almost perfect run, maybe ten seconds lost here and there, and beat the level with only 30-35 seconds to spare. You will most likely have to replay the level once or twice to really get a feel for the level but here are a few tips to help:

– Be sure to have all the vehicle and characters close to you so that you can switch them out as fast as possible when needed to cut down on time.

– During cutscenes, or before, be sure to prepare for the following room, if vehicle or certain character is needed be sure to place them on the toy pad or switch to that character.

– If a character is stuck in a room because of a rift it went through and can’t get out, either save that puzzle for last (Best Option), or simply take the character off the portal and place it back on after it disappears and it will reset the character back in the main part of the level.

The final tip I can give is to simply watch the video below a few times to really get a feel for the level, then play it once to make sure you get everything down. Then once you feel comfortable attempt the trophy.

32 - Forever Alone

Forever Alone – Complete a level while only ever keeping one character active on the Toy Pad (Bronze/25G)

The best level to get this trophy in is the very first one, Follow the LEGO Brick Road. Puzzles in the first level will not require two characters at once and it is a pretty short level so you won’t have to spend too much time switching characters. To unlock this trophy before you start the level remove all but one character from the toy pad, note that the Batmobile does NOT negate this trophy, it doesn’t matter which character you leave on. Play through the level like normal and when you have to switch be sure to remove the character on the toy pad first, wait for the character to disappear, then place the new character on the toy pad. Repeat that process as needed when switching characters throughout the level. Once you have completed the level the trophy will unlock.

33 - Lost Property

Lost Property – Complete 25 ‘Locate Mode’ puzzles (Bronze/25G)

A locate puzzle is the keystone where the screen will have a green outline and the eye appears in the bottom right corner, and you are required to find a white brick that opens up a rift. These will first appear in the Back to the Future Level. You will unfortunately not have enough of these puzzles completed simply playing through the story. The best way to farm these I think is to replay the Aperture Science Enrichment Center Level, the Portal one, as there are quite a few to complete throughout the level. If you did not get the trophy for completing the level within 25 minutes then this trophy should unlock as you complete that trophy. If it doesn’t then replay the level one more time and the trophy will unlock upon completion of the 25th puzzle.
34 - Painting by Numbers

Painting by Numbers – Complete 25 ‘Chroma Mode’ puzzles (Bronze/25G)

The chroma puzzles are the ones where you have to step in the paints and then match each part of the Toy Pad to the colors of your characters. Upon completion of the story you should only need 1-2 more of these to unlock the trophy. The best way to unlock this trophy is to complete the Aperture Science Enrichment Center Level as there are 1-2 in that level and you will have to unlock the trophy for beating the level within 25 minutes, if you have not already. Upon completion of the 25th puzzle the trophy will unlock.
35 - Elemental, My Dear

Elemental, My Dear – Enter ‘Elemental Mode’ on 25 unique occasions (Bronze/25G)

This trophy should unlock while playing through the story mode but if it doesn’t then you will definitely unlock it while you are attempting to complete the Aperture Science Enrichment Center level within 25 minutes as there are a number of elemental puzzles in the level.
36 - Too Old for This Shift

Too Old for This Shift – Shift through 50 ”Shift Mode” rifts (Bronze/25G)

Story Related Cannot Be Missed.
37 - But Does it Come in Pink

But Does it Come in Pink – Give the Batmobile a pink paint job (Bronze/25G)

The upgrade to change the color of the Batmobile to pink is under the third model meaning you will have to upgrade to model three before you can unlock this trophy. To unlock this upgrade you will have to spend 300,000 studs, including the actual upgrade for the color picker, to unlock this trophy. Be sure you have picked up the x2 red brick as early as you possibly could to make sure you have enough studs to unlock this by the time you’re done with story mode and the HUB world trophies. Once you unlock the upgrade and change the color to pink, hit :x: on the upgrade to change the color, the trophy will unlock.
38 - Do You Like Bling, Batman

Do You Like Bling, Batman – Give the Batmobile a chrome paint job (Gold/50G)

To unlock the upgrade for the chrome paint job you will have to spend a total of 1,300,000 studs. To ensure you have enough studs by the end of the game be sure to buy the x2 red brick from the Lord of the Rings HUB as soon as you have your first 1,000,000 studs. Once you unlock the chrome paint job upgrade and equip it the trophy will unlock.
There you go guys… our LEGO Dimensions Trophy/Achievement Guide. If you have any questions or comments about this guide, the game in general, or anything in general, feel free to ask them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, or in the comments below and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. While you’re on the above pages be sure to like us, follow us, and subscribe to us to stay up to date on the latest news and information that we have for you guys. Also be sure to follow us on Twitch so you will know when we livestream and on Instagram so you can see all our awesome pictures. We hope you find this LEGO Dimensions guide useful and are enjoying the game!!!

(HTG) Brian Dad, gamer, husband, and sometimes.. a noob.


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