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Gamebreak: November 2018 LIVE!! – HTGtv

Gamebreak: November 2018 LIVE!! – HTGtv


Gamebreak for November 2018 LIVE! HTG Brian is going to Live Stream our November 2018 Gamebreak to catch up with you guys! It has been just a month since we did one of these and we like streaming them so hopefully you do too! Let us know if you prefer the LIVE or ALMOST LIVE as we like to call them! lol November Gamebreak 2018 will cover things like what we have been up to, Rhyse getting Braces, Lego DC home stretch, Lego Movie 2 Videogame was announced, HTGtv updated plans, Patreon shout outs and more!! We are hoping you guys will hang out and ask us a bunch of questions too! Thanks for your support guys regardless if you prefer Lego game videos only .. or if you like our quirky Gamebreak videos too! #BooYaKaShouw

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If there are other sounds, memes or something else you would like to see in our streams, please leave a comment behind or take part in our LIVE CHAT to let us know your ideas/requests. If you enjoy Fortnite Battle Royale and would like to play some Fortnite games with us please let us know. We are considering a new Patreon.com addition that could reserve days and some spots so you guys can stream with us! Let us know if you would be interested! If you read this far, you are helping out our channel more than you know! Thanks for your support!

(HTG) Brian Dad, gamer, husband, and sometimes.. a noob.


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