Ecto-1 Build Instructions for LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters (2016) STORY Pack #71242. The Lego Dimensions Ghostbusters STORY Pack is a 259 LEGO piece set and includes 1 Minifigure (Abby Yates), The Ecto-1 (Ectozer and The PerfEcto) as well as the Toy Pad Portal build ZHU’s Chineese Restaurant. The Lego Dimensions Ghostbusters STORY Pack sells for $49.99 at most retailers but has been rumored to be on sale around launch time. If you enjoy Lego Dimensions videos, and would like to see more LEGO Dimensions gameplay or Unboxing/SpeedBuilds, please let us know below in the comments and be sure to click the LIKE button to help us know you want more Lego Dimensions videos! Thanks for watching!! #BooYaKaShouw


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