Home Games Lego Lord of the Rings: Level 17/The Black Gate – FREE PLAY – All Collectables – HTG
Lego Lord of the Rings: Level 17/The Black Gate – FREE PLAY – All Collectables – HTG

Lego Lord of the Rings: Level 17/The Black Gate – FREE PLAY – All Collectables – HTG


(HTG) Brian walks you through FREE PLAY for Level 17, The Black Gate FREE PLAY, for Lego Lord of the Rings. We grab the 9 remaining Mini kits we missed in our Story Mode Walkthrough, we find the Black Smith Design, all 3 hidden Items for our Treasure Trove and we also reach the stud requirement for True Adventurer status which is 12,000 studs. Below we have also included a text step by step for easy following. Hopefully this helps you for Level 17 The Black Gate FREE PLAY. Thanks for tuning in and let us know if you want more walkthrough videos for Lego Lord of the Rings.


Complete Story Mode ( all levels recommended )
Mithril Fireworks or Berserker to destroy Silver Mithril Objects
Mithril Boxing Gloves , Uruk-Hai or Shagrot to pull Orange Handles

Mini Kit 1: During opening battle use a character with a bow and shoot the 5 archers that are standing on the smaller towers off in the distance in front of you.

Mini Kit 2: In the first troll section on the left, use Gollum to climb the wall to find this

Treasure 1: Head to the back right of the area and use Sam’s Elven Rope to pull down all the boulders. Now light a fire with Sam to collapse the tower. Turn around and head back towards the troll a little and dig up the key with Sam at the soil patch. Now head back to the chest and open it for the Handprint Breastplate treasure.

Blacksmith: From the treasure, head to the left behind the rock wall to find the Mithril Tinderbox hidden (Run around a bit out of site if you dont get it right away)

Mini Kit 3: Near the climbable wall, use the Uruk-Hai to pull the orange handle to get the Mini Kit

**In the second troll section on the left, use the Berserker’s Bombs to destroy the Mithril Rock wall and then head into the secret area**

Mini Kit 7: Use Sam on the soil patch on the far right side to grow some carrots, then watch a rabbit eat them and he will dig up your chest for you.

Treasure 2: Use the Berserker on the far right of this area on the orange handle to find the Elven Lute treasure treasure.

Mini Kit 5: Head over to the right side and use an arrow at the target to receive the Mini Kit

Mini Kit 6: Destroy all the Morgul Blocks in the area for the next treasure.

Mini Kit 8: Head over to the left and press the to hop on the pig. Now ride him through the 6 gates in his pen for the treasure.

Mini Kit 4: Before leaving this area, make sure and destroy the debris in the corner by the entrance/exit to find a crank. Crank the handle to get the Mini Kit

**Back outside with the troll**

Mini Kit 9: Use Sam’s Elven Rope over on the left side to pull yourself up to the ledge with this Mini Kit

Treasure 3: Head to the left side and dig the Flaming Hat treasure up with Sam at the soil patch.

Mini Kit 10: Head to the back of this area, and shoot arrows into the pegs on the wall. Now swing up to the ledge above, then use Gimli to break the wall on the right to get the treasure before hopping on the trolls back.

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