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Lego Dimensions: Retro Wreckage / Midway Arcade (All 10 Minikits & Minifig In Peril) – HTG

(HTG) Brian continues our LEGO Dimensions FREE PLAY videos with Retro Wreckage FREE PLAY level. The Retro Wreckage level, which is the Midway Arcade LEVEL Pack also contains 10 minikits and 1 minifig in peril (Lumberjack) which we grab and contains another easter egg area from the classic game Paperboy! We are revisiting levels in […]

LEGO 2K Drive Trophy/Achievement Guide

Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens: Starkiller Destruction STORY (BONUS LEVEL) – HTG

(HTG) Brian plays and completes the Starkiller Destruction STORY BONUS LEVEL for Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens . The Lego Star Wars Force Awakens BONUS LEVEL (Starkiller Destruction) requires 249 total gold bricks collected, meaning all quests, minikits, red bricks, all need to be completed/collected and once you have 249 gold bricks you can […]

LEGO 2K Drive Trophy/Achievement Guide