Home Games Lego Lord of the Rings: Level 18/Mount Doom – FREE PLAY – All Collectables – HTG
Lego Lord of the Rings: Level 18/Mount Doom – FREE PLAY – All Collectables – HTG

Lego Lord of the Rings: Level 18/Mount Doom – FREE PLAY – All Collectables – HTG


(HTG) Brian walks you through FREE PLAY for Level 18, Mount Doom FREE PLAY, for Lego Lord of the Rings. We grab the 8 remaining Mini kits we missed in our Story Mode Walkthrough, we find the Black Smith Design, all 3 hidden Items for our Treasure Trove and we also reach the stud requirement for True Adventurer status which is 85,000 studs. Below we have also included a text step by step for easy following. Hopefully this helps you for Level 18 Mount Doom FREE PLAY. Thanks for tuning in and let us know if you want more walkthrough videos for Lego Lord of the Rings.


Complete Story Mode ( all levels recommended )
Mithril Fireworks or Berserker to destroy Silver Mithril Objects
Mithril Boxing Gloves , Uruk-Hai or Shagrot to pull Orange Handles

Mini Kit 1: At the beginning of the level, on the left side, use the Berserker Bomb to destroy the Mithril Rocks to get into the cave with the Mini Kit

Treasure 1: In the same area, destroy the debris on the right, then build a pier. Now use Gollum or Merry to fish the Trophy Shield treasure out of the lava

Mini Kit 2: After passing the first lava river, climb up to the higher ledge, then use Gollum to climb the wall in this area. Now use the handholds to get over to the lava waterfall, then use the falling rocks to climb up the waterfall to the Mini Kit

Mini Kit 3: After blocking off the second lava river, use Sam to dig up a rock from the lava bed, then throw it at the rock pillar on the right side near the flame vent area to knock it over and reach the Mini Kit

Mini Kit 4: Continue down the path until you reach the ledge you must hang on to try and cross the next lava river. While trying to cross this the wall will explode. Once this happens, jump inside the cave above you and use Gimli to smash the cracked floor dropping the Mini Kit down onto a platform on the lava. Jump down and grab it.

Mini Kit 5: Across the lava river, shoot the target above the stackable blocks on the left, then build a staircase of the blocks with Gandalf to reach the Mini Kit and proceed to the next area

Mini Kit 6: In this area, use Pippin’s bucket to grab some water from the well, then put out the fire up the ramp near you. Head through the crawl space and destroy the crate on the right side in the upper area to find the Mini Kit

Treasure : From the last Mini Kit, continue along the upper path and jump over the small gap of lava flow and you will be downstairs of the volcano entrance. Use the Berserker to pull the orange handle to find the Palantir Hat treasure

Blacksmith: Now head upstairs towards the volcano entrance and shoot an arrow into the slot. Swing from the arrow to reach the Mithril Climbing Boots Recipe

Mini Kit 7: Now head to the right of the entrance, use Aragorn to destroy the Morgul Block, then ride the rock elevator up to the Mini Kit

Mini Kit 8: Now head back down the stairs away from the entrance, and drop down to continue on what was the main story path. Below the area you fight against Gollum, after you block the lava flow to proceed, drop off the edge of the mountain at the now dry lava bed to find this treasure.

Mini Kit 9: Inside the volcano, to the right of the door, jump up to the ledges to reach this.

Treasure #3 – Magma Rock : In the Sam vs Gollum battle, once you are thrown down to the last pillar, use the Mithril Gloves or Calcium Armor on Sam to pull the orange handle and find the treasure inside

Mini Kit 10: When escaping from Mt. Doom, this is in the middle of the path on the way out.

Link to our Lego Lord of the Rings playlist:



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