Home Games Lego Lord of the Rings: Level 13/The Secret Stairs – FREE PLAY – All Collectables – HTG
Lego Lord of the Rings: Level 13/The Secret Stairs – FREE PLAY – All Collectables – HTG

Lego Lord of the Rings: Level 13/The Secret Stairs – FREE PLAY – All Collectables – HTG


(HTG) Brian walks you through FREE PLAY for Level 13, The Secret Stairs FREE PLAY, for Lego Lord of the Rings. We grab the 8 remaining Mini kits we missed in our Story Mode Walkthrough, we find the Black Smith Design, all 3 hidden Items for our Treasure Trove and we also reach the stud requirement for True Adventurer status which is 88,000 studs. Below we have also included a text step by step for easy following. Hopefully this helps you for Level 13 The Secret Stairs FREE PLAY. Thanks for tuning in and let us know if you want more walkthrough videos for Lego Lord of the Rings.


Complete Story Mode ( all levels recommended )
Mithril Fireworks or Berserker to destroy Silver Mithril Objects
Mithril Boxing Gloves , Uruk-Hai or Shagrot to pull Orange Handles

Mini Kit 1: Use Gimli to destroy the cracked wall at the beginning of the level

Treasure 1: Look high up on the rock wall just above the darkened cave…near the left statue to find a target. Shoot this with your bow, then grab the green tracking object that falls with Aragorn. Now follow the green trails to find the Surefooted Greaves treasure

Mini Kit 2: As soon as you head up the stairs, use Sam on the soil patch on the right side to plant a large flower with the Mini Kit

Mini Kit 3: At the beginning of the second area, shoot an arrow into the wall on your left, then use Legolas to swing across the new hand rail to the ledge on the left with the treasure

Mini Kit 4: Destroy all 5 small green plants in this area
The first is at the beginning of the 2nd area, on the right side
In the darkened cave you must enter to get on to the 1st Gollum wall, this is inside the cave
After climbing the 2nd set of stairs this is on the right side
After destroying the Wall to cross the gap from the hand rails, climb the 3rd set of stairs, clear the path and this is all the way to the right
Now use the crawl space to get into the area above the 4th plant and this is in this area

Mini Kit 5: After breaking the wall to cross the gap from the hand rails, use the Berserker’s Bombs to destroy the shiny object at the bottom of the stairs. Now build the chair elevator, and hop on it and ride it to the top of the staircase to get the treasure.

Treasure 2: At the top of these stairs, use Gimli to break the cracked block, then construct a crane from the debris. use the crane to grab the Muddy Armor treasure

Mini Kit 6: In Shelob’s Lair, use Sam to plant a flower in the soil patch on the left side to release the Mini Kit from above

Blacksmith: Now head down the passageway to the left, break the webs, and you will find the Mithril Squeak Sword recipe at the end of the tunnel

Treasure 3: Head back to the main passage, and down the right side tunnel. Use your Uruk-Hai/Mithril Boxing Gloves on the orange handle and the Spider Fang treasure will pop out

Mini Kit 7: After seeing Shelob’s shadow, head into the next main room. Use your Berserker’s Bombs to destroy the spiderweb on the right side of the Gollum wall to find the Mini Kit

Mini Kit 8: Head across the Gollum wall and down into the next area. before heading into the next tunnel, use a jump attack to free the Mini Kit from the web above

Mini Kit 9: In this next tunnel, use Aragorn to destroy the Morgul blocks, then build the fly out of the debris. use Gandalf to place the fly up in the web on the upper left to receive the Mini Kit

Mini Kit10: During the Shelob chase, run over 3 spider egg piles. They follow this pattern if you are looking at the screen, Right, Left, Right.

Link to our Lego Lord of the Rings playlist:



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