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Lego Lord of the Rings: Level 12/Osgiliath – FREE PLAY – All Collectables – HTG

Lego Lord of the Rings: Level 12/Osgiliath – FREE PLAY – All Collectables – HTG


(HTG) Brian walks you through FREE PLAY for Level 12, Osgiliath FREE PLAY, for Lego Lord of the Rings. We grab the 4 remaining Mini kits we missed in our Story Mode Walkthrough, we find the Black Smith Design, all 3 hidden Items for our Treasure Trove and we also reach the stud requirement for True Adventurer status which is 85,000 studs. Below we have also included a text step by step for easy following. Hopefully this helps you for Level 12 Osgiliath FREE PLAY. Thanks for tuning in and let us know if you want more walkthrough videos for Lego Lord of the Rings.


Complete Story Mode ( all levels recommended )
Mithril Fireworks or Berserker to destroy Silver Mithril Objects
Mithril Boxing Gloves , Uruk-Hai or Shagrot to pull Orange Handles

Treasure 1: In the Faramir area, at the pedestal puzzle, head up the stairs to the left and use the Berserker’s Bombs to destroy the shiny objects. Now build the stairs and you will find the Goggles treasure up top.

Mini Kit 1: At the Broken Bell Tower, in the Hobbit’s section, use an Elf to jump up to the rope hanging from the bell tower to ring the bell.

Mini Kit 2: This starts near the beginning of the level. After heading through the crawl space and using the pillar to get to the next area, head up the stairs and then change to Legolas to jump up and grab the hand rail and then jump up to the roof of the small building. Here you will find a glowing purple item which is a flagstick. Now once you get to the wall you climb as Gollum, climb to the top of the wall, then push off the block to the ground below. Jump back down and use Sam to plant a seed in the patch of soil. Now jump up to the top of the flower that is grown and use Legolas to get up to the area above the Gollum wall. Up here you will find a Flag to attach to the Flagstick. Now you give this to the Guard who is there and you will get your Mini Kit

Mini Kit 3: At the Bell Tower, jump from the 2nd ledge to the outer ledge of the tower. Now use this to go around behind the bell tower to get the chest you can see through the hole in the wall.

Treasure 2: In the Faramir section, after shooting the Bell Tower Guard, jump down from the top of the wall until you are on the ground. Now head back to the left and destroy the Morgul Block with Aragorn or Elendil. Drop into the hole to find the Bubble Pipe treasure below the city.

Blacksmith: In the Faramir section, just before the wall you climb with Gollum, use Frodo to light the darkened doorway on the left side for the Mithril Boxing Gloves recipe

Treasure 3: Now jump back down and proceed forward in the Hobbit section. Use Sam to burn the blockade out of your way, then use Gimli to smash through the floor and enter the room below you. In here break all the crates, then use Gandalf to place the fruit crates in the correct location according to the images on the wall. Once they are properly stacked the guard there will give you the item.

Mini Kit 4: After the wall is destroyed by the boulder and you need to shoot the Nazgul with Faramir for the second time, head through the opening in the wall and to the right to find the Mini Kit

Mini Kit 5: Now head to the right and build the ladder to get up to the second area. Head back towards your left and use the Berserker’s Bombs to destroy the Mithril Blockage across the gap. Jump over to claim your Mini Kit

***The Following are completed once you reach Treebeard***

Mini Kit 6: Use the water tower in the beginning area to put out the fire by the pit.

Mini Kit 7: Use Boulders to destroy the 3 shining ledges around Saruman’s Tower

Mini Kit 8: Use the water tower near the damn to put out the fire near there.

Mini Kit 9: Destroy 5 of the structures with water wheels around Isengard while playing as Treebeard

Mini Kit 10: Before heading up to the dam, head over to the right hand side and you will see mine tracks on the ground. Use the boulders in the area, to destroy the wreckage on the tracks for the mine cart allowing it to crash all the way to the ground and give you the treasure.

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