Home Games Lego Marvel Avengers: “You Asked For It” Trophy/Achievement – HTG
Lego Marvel Avengers: “You Asked For It” Trophy/Achievement – HTG

Lego Marvel Avengers: “You Asked For It” Trophy/Achievement – HTG


(HTG) Brian stops 10 crimes in progress in the Manhattan HUB and unlocks the You Asked For It Trophy/Achievement. The You Asked For It Trophy/Achievement requires you to Stop 10 random crimes in Manhattan during a single session. Manhattan is one of the numerous HUB areas in the game where you can run around and collect gold bricks and other collectibles, except in Manhattan there are also random crimes that occur. They are pretty simple and usually involve simply beating up a few enemies, chasing down an enemy and beating him up, or destroying a truck. You will know when a crime is in progress nearby as there will be a little SHIELD icon on your minimap, you will also usually hear someone shouting. All you have to do is complete 10 of these in one session and the you asked for it trophy/achievement will unlock, you will know you have completed one when you get a bunch of studs, including a few blues. While you have to stop 10 in one session that doesn’t mean you can’t leave Manhattan, as long as you don’t exit out of the game, back to the main menu, you can return and still get the trophy. For example you can stop 5 crimes, go complete a free play level, then return to Manhattan and stop another 5 and the trophy/achievement will still unlock. Stop 10 of them and watch the you asked for it trophy/achievement ring off!! If you liked this video you might check out our other Lego Marvel Avengers videos covering STORY, FREE PLAY and FREE ROAM to track down all things needed for that 100%! You might also find our Lego Marvel Avengers FREE PLAY series handy too, where we get all of the Minikits, Gold Bricks, Red Bricks and of course Stan Lee in Perils. Follow along as we work our way to 100% completion of Lego Marvel Avengers. If you have any questions regarding Lego Avengers or any other game, please leave us a comment and we will do what we can to help out! Thanks for watching our Lego Marvel Avengers videos! #BooYaKaShouw

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