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Lego Marvel Avengers: “Going Knowhere” Trophy/Achievement – HTG

Lego Marvel Avengers: “Going Knowhere” Trophy/Achievement – HTG


(HTG) Brian stops 10 crimes in progress in the Manhattan HUB and unlocks the Going Nowhere Trophy/Achievement. The Going Nowhere Trophy/Achievement requires you to Turn on all the Red Brick Extras at the same time. There are a total of 18 Red Bricks that you must unlock to unlock the going knowhere trophy/achievement. 3 of the red bricks are available to purchase immediately, the other 15 you must first find in each of the 15 levels. Once you have all of them unlocked you must purchase all of them from the Collector’s room aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier. For the locations of all the red bricks please refer to the collectible guide below.

Attract Studs – 100,000 studs
Disguises – 200,000 studs
Target 2nd Player – 1,000,000 studs
X2 Red Brick – 1,000,000 studs
X4 Red Brick – 2,000,000 studs
X6 Red Brick – 4,000,000 studs
X8 Red Brick – 6,000,000 studs
X10 Red Brick – 8,000,000 studs
Fast Fix – 600,000 studs
Character Token Detector – 500,000 studs
Gold Brick Detector – 1,000,000 studs
Minikit Detector – 500,000 studs
Stan Lee in Peril Detector – 250,000 studs
Quest Detector – 300,000 studs
Fast Build – 1,000,000 studs
Fast Dig – 500,000 studs
Collect Ghost Studs – 250,000 studs
Unlimited Avengers Team-Up Moves – 500,000 studs

Once you have all 18 unlocked and purchased, head to the pause menu and go to extras. Once you have activated the eighteenth one the going knowhere trophy/achievement will unlock.

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