Home Games Lego Marvel Avengers: “Perfect Pannapictagraphist” Trophy/Achievement – HTG
Lego Marvel Avengers: “Perfect Pannapictagraphist” Trophy/Achievement – HTG

Lego Marvel Avengers: “Perfect Pannapictagraphist” Trophy/Achievement – HTG


(HTG) Brian unlocks and views all 15 Comic Books which unlocks the Perfect Pannapictagraphist Trophy/Achievement. The Perfect Pannapictagraphist Trophy/Achievement requires you to Unlock and view all 15 Minikit Comic Pages. To unlock a Minikit Comic Page you must collect all ten minikits in a level, meaning you must collect all 150 minikits before you can view all 15. You can view the minikit comic pages in the Collectors room aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, once in there use the right terminal and view each page, upon viewing the last one the Perfect Pannapictagraphist trophy/achievement will unlock. For the locations of all the minikits please refer to the collectible guide in our Trophy/Achievement guide linked below.

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Perfect Pannapictagraphist Trophy/Achievement

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