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LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Preview – HTG

LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Preview – HTG


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In Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham, you get the ability to dress up over 150 DC heroes in different outfits, along with exploring the great black vastness of space. This means that each character not only has their usual set of attacks and abilities but also an extended set of outfits that bring additional skills and weapons. It really is dress-up gone mad, but in a good way. It works well with the problem solving, fisticuffs and platforming antics in the main campaign. Being able to switch abilities often creates multiple ways to solve a particular problem and that will make Lego Batman 3 more fun to play as a family.

lb3 2
It all looks to be coming together very well and certainly has something to offer families who may already have a few Lego video-games in their collection. The new visuals on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will attract some players while the ability to play on the go on the Vita and 3DS will be good for others. Huge playable rosters are nothing new, and LB3 boasts over a hundred characters that all feel unique and true to their source. Additionally, at least five characters (Batman, Robin, Lex Luthor, Joker, and Cyborg) will have access to multiple suits. Batman and Robin had this in previous games, but now these characters can access up to eight suits at any time, rather than searching for suit-swappers throughout levels.

lb3 3
Space combat is another new addition, and this picture shows off players defending Justice League Headquarters, an early level in the game. Hoping that players will travel to a variety of fun worlds, including the Lantern World. So my final words are going to be (HTG) Brian is going to have a great time whit this one and hope you guys watch, and remember keep your Thumbs Happy!!!   – Cross out.


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