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LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Preview – HTG

In Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham, you get the ability to dress up over 150 DC heroes in different outfits, along with exploring the great black vastness of space. This means that each character not only has their usual set of attacks and abilities but also an extended set of outfits that bring additional skills and […]


Hey guys and gals it (HTG) Mark aka Cross here and I want to talk about something that I don’t cover at all, PC Games,  so bare with me for a bit. Some of my buddies have been talking about this game for awhile now so I took it upon myself to buy a computer […]

Socom and M.A.G. Servers Shut Down – HTG

Hey guys and gals it’s Cross here and today is a sad sad day for me January 28th 2014 recently passed as the day that my thumbs cried. It’s the day that my beloved Sony shut down the Socom and Mag severs. For this HTG’er, socom is the game that catapulted me, as well as some others […]

How do you control? – HTG

Hey guys, its HTG Mark (x_Ironcross_x) and I have a couple things I would like to talk about and find out about your playing styles. Do you play with your controllers modded or just run with it the way it comes out on the box? When we ask about mods, we don’t mean do you […]

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 Talk – HTG

Greetings guys and gals! We here at Happy Thumbs Gaming are super excited that E3 has come and gone. With the good and bad that went along with E3, here some of the things that stood out to me. The Xbox One looks to be quite the machine, but I was hoping for a lot […]