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Socom and M.A.G. Servers Shut Down – HTG

Socom and M.A.G. Servers Shut Down – HTG


Hey guys and gals it’s Cross here and today is a sad sad day for me January 28th 2014 recently passed as the day that my thumbs cried. It’s the day that my beloved Sony shut down the Socom and Mag severs.

Socom 1
For this HTG’er, socom is the game that catapulted me, as well as some others into the world for online 3rd person shooters. I think that if hadn’t been for these games there would be no COD or Battlefield.

Socom 2
As I write this I think back to playing with all my buddy’s I did not think that a game would mean so much to me but in this case it does.

Now for this gamer I did not play Socom 4 that much but as for the other Socom games it was on I can remember countless hours of late night gaming or strategizing with the 503 on how to win clan wars or wars among are self’s in U.S. West 1.

It was so bad at my house that I had two TVs right next to each other so that my wife could watch TV without hearing me scream at the tv. Socom was one of Zippers best games. Following after Socom came along Mag a super fun mad house of a game once you got the hang of some many people playing an online game.

Socom 3
So I hope your thumbs had as much fun as I did playing these games and if you didn’t I’m sorry for you I know a lot of guys are going to miss the old days of shoot and die for the hole round. As for this guy I’m signing for today remember keep your Thumbs Happy Cross out.


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