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HipShotDot First Look – HTG

HipShotDot First Look – HTG



HipShotDot_TVYou might be asking yourself “What is the HipShotDot?” Well HipShotDot is an exclusive powered red dot sight attachment for your first person shooters made by Airdrop Gaming. What does that mean? Well think of it like this, ever wonder how you got “quick scoped/sniped?” Well it could have been he was using this method even if it wasn’t as pretty. The thought behind it is, knowing where your crosshairs are at all times. Think about playing a game of Hardcore Battlefield. Your crosshairs are not shown on the screen. Well this would give you the exact point of where they are when calibrated properly. WTF You say?? Well let’s check out the video and go from there.
Footage from HipShotDot booth at CES 2014
reddot_closeupAlright so as you can see, there is a red dot attached to a suction cup that you stick onto your TV. The device uses a USB port on your console or PC to power up the light. This light suction cup combo allows the gamer to have an accurate visual on screen at all times where the crosshairs are, even when playing modes that do not use the crosshairs on the HUB (Heads Up Display). This method has been used by many gamers casual and professional but it never was this clean and easy. Horror stories of tape and glue destroying TVs seem to be more common now that a real solution has arrived.

We have not got our hands on one of these little beauties, but we did just reach out to Airdrop Gaming to learn more about it and hopefully get one for some testing/review time. What do you guys think about the HipShotDot? Could this help your game? Let us know below what you think!


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