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The Wolf Among Us Review – Episode 3 “A Crooked Mile” – HTG

The Wolf Among Us Review – Episode 3 “A Crooked Mile” – HTG



This review of The Wolf Among Us will pertain to Episode 3 of the 5 part series. I will once again be making this review spoiler free. If you want to continue on and read do not worry about myself giving you the story. I will leave all the juicy stuff for you to find out yourself.

Episode 3 Review

First Impressions – Having just recently played episode two I was highly anticipating how episode three was going to unfold. I found myself questioning who I could trust, and what my actions were going to unfold in the future. I was immediately thrust into a scene based off of the previous actions of myself, B
igby from the previous episode. Coming into this episode I felt as if I was bombarded with moral decisions. I also questioned authority due to morality… was I supposed to do what I was told or completely disobey because I felt it was wrong? What would my partner think of me if I chose one way or another? On top of regular decisions made in each episode I believe I was faced with one of the first decisions where there was three choices and I knew no matter what I chose I was going to have to abandon the other two options.

My Thoughts – Even though there were crime investigative scenes in the previous episodes it feels as if Telltale fell in love with in this particular episode but it is not a bad thing. The way you have to uncover part of the story yourself in this way makes it all that much more enjoyable. This episode had the best action sequences out of the three episodes so far. Not only was I allowed to fight, but I knew that certain actions while fighting would lead to a permanent feeling aboUntitledut me either good or bad. The QTE sequences were again smooth and enjoyable, not only did I have to make dialog decisions but very important decisions while in combat as well. The emotions that I reacted to caused me more problems than they solved. Even trying to be the ‘Good Wolf’ I had my buttons pushed and reacted brash to them. I in turn started a chain of events that of course changed the path of the story forever.

Storyline – Episode three continues a great story strait from the second. The scene that episode two ends on is the exact location that episode three starts on. Since most of the characters at this point have been introduced and you should have a baseline feeling about everyone there isn’t much in the way of description for the characters in this episode. The story really starts to unfold with knowing more about the antagonist and a better understanding of who you are and what your primal instincts are. Another character was brought into the storyline that was highly unexpected. The fact that I was not expecting this character at all threw me for a loop on how to react in that particular situation. The story itself is evolving really well from episode to episode. Characters are becoming developed and the interaction between one and other are superb.

Future Episodes – For the first time in The Wolf Among Us I really want to start a new game for an additional story path. I know it has been a choose your own adventure this whole time but in this episode there was a particular point where I sat and wondered what would have happened if I had done the opposite decision. How would the game end knowing what I have done… how would have the game ended if I had not have done that? Where am I going to next, and how much of an impact will my decisions make in the long scheme of things?

Our Review Score – Telltale does a great job in this game with a great story and just is a very well made game. With the flowing story and great decisions that must be made episode three scores equal with episode two.

4.5 Product Review - HTG

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