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WildStar Review – HTG

Basic Game Information and Story WildStar is a Science Fiction/Fantasy/Western-ish MMORPG. Players may choose between two factions, either the Exiles (a collection of rebels and refugees) or the Dominion (the ruling Empire), each battling to take control of the Planet Nexus. Nexus was initially inhabited by an advanced race known as the Eldan. They have since […]

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Trophy/Achievement Guide

Tomb Raider Trophy/Achievement Guide – HTG

Essential Information: Offline Trophies: 36 / Online Trophies: 15 / Total Trophies: 51 Minimum Number of Playthroughs required: 1 Approximate Time to Platinum: 10-15 Hours for Single-Player; 12-30 Hours for Multiplayer dependent on boosting or skill level; 20-50 Hours total. Missable Trophies: Epic Fumble, Deadeye, Boom Goes the Dynamite, Chatterbox Any Glitched Trophies: Shopaholic possibly […]

LEGO 2K Drive Trophy/Achievement Guide