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The Swapper

Story The Swapper begins with the main character being jettisoned from a space station and transported to the surface of planet Chori V. From there, the story progresses and the player is able to gather data from terminals scattered throughout the environment. This allows the story to be pieced together throughout the game. The basic […]

Starpoint Gemini 2

Story Starpoint Gemini II is supposed to pick up two years after the events of the first Starpoint Gemini game. Currently, the storyline quests have not been made available in the early release beta. Right now, the game is just an open world, freelance mission experience. Once the storyline is released, there will be a […]

Valiant Hearts: The Great War Game Review

Story Valiant Hearts: The Great War tells the story of World War I. It chronicles the trials faced by those that participated in and lived through both the French and, to a limited extent, the German sides of the conflict.  The story line is based on and inspired by letters that were sent during the […]

Beware Planet Earth Game Review

Story Beware Planet Earth is a tower defense style game. The objective of the game is to protect Farmer Barney’s cows from the invading Aliens (cue dramatic music here). Beware Planet Earth was developed by Lightmare Studios. The game is being distributed through Bandai Namco Games Europe and is available on Steam for $9.99 and […]

Electronic Super Joy: Groove City Review – HTG

Basic Game Information Electronic Super Joy: Groove City is a fast-paced platform game. It is a mini-sequel to Electronic Super Joy and contains 15 levels, 2 secret levels, and 19 secret areas. The plot is definitely adult themed, and involves helping a giant robot stripper retrieve her “Laser-Nipples” from the villain, Dr. Swinger. There is […]

WildStar Review – HTG

Basic Game Information and Story WildStar is a Science Fiction/Fantasy/Western-ish MMORPG. Players may choose between two factions, either the Exiles (a collection of rebels and refugees) or the Dominion (the ruling Empire), each battling to take control of the Planet Nexus. Nexus was initially inhabited by an advanced race known as the Eldan. They have since […]