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Tomb Raider Trophy/Achievement Guide – HTG

Tomb Raider Trophy/Achievement Guide – HTG



Essential Information:

Offline Trophies: 36 / Online Trophies: 15 / Total Trophies: 51

Minimum Number of Playthroughs required: 1

Approximate Time to Platinum: 10-15 Hours for Single-Player; 12-30 Hours for Multiplayer dependent on boosting or skill level; 20-50 Hours total.

Missable Trophies: Epic Fumble, Deadeye, Boom Goes the Dynamite, Chatterbox

Any Glitched Trophies: Shopaholic possibly (In a good way)

Does Difficulty affect trophies: No

Online Pass Required: No

Two of Lara’s Survival abilities should be learned as early as possible to maximize the amount of salvage earned.  Salvage can be used for weapon upgrades and getting them as early as possible prevents you from having to farm post-game.

Unlike a lot of modern day games you cannot load a checkpoint to farm up kills or other combat related trophies.  Though at the end of the game you are allowed to keep playing to find anything you missed.  While fast traveling from one area to another it is possible to get the kills/combat related trophies as long as enemies have respawned.

There are four missable trophies that may not come naturally.  A way to make sure you get these easier is to create a separate save when reaching an area called ‘Shantytown’.  Three of the four missable trophies can be earned in this area.  If needed you can load up this separate save slot to finish off any of the missable trophies.

Step 1: Play through the game once on any Difficulty

Gather all collectables and get the required kills or combat related trophies.

Step 2: Clean-Up

If somehow you missed anything use this step to clean up any optional tombs you may have missed or use Fast Travel and kill/loot animals and enemies.

If you make a mistake on Chatterbox you will need to start a new game and play though it just long enough to acquire all six conversations points.

Step 3: Online Multiplayer

You will be spending a good portion of this game online farming up enough experience to reach level 60.  It is possible to level up in private matches which will speed up the process if wanted.

True Survivor   True Survivor – Unlock Every Tomb Raider Trophy  Platinum

  • Acquire every other trophy from the game to acquire this Platinum.

Bookworm   Bookworm – Find 25% of all documents  Bronze (10G)

  • See ‘No Stone Left Unturned’ Below

Historian   Historian – Find 75% of all documents  Bronze (15G)

  • See ‘No Stone Left Unturned’ Below

Relic Hunter   Relic Hunter – Collect 25% of all relics  Bronze (10G)

  • See ‘No Stone Left Unturned’ Below

Archaeologist   Archaeologist – Collect 75% of all relics  Bronze (15G)

  • See ‘No Stone Left Unturned’ Below

Looking For Trouble   Looking for Trouble – Find 25% of all GPS caches  Bronze (10G)

  • See ‘No Stone Left Unturned’ Below

Bag Full O Cache   Bag Full O’ Cache – Find 75% of all GPS caches  Bronze (15G)

  • See ‘No Stone Left Unturned’ Below

No Stone Left Unturned   No Stone Left Unturned – Find all documents, relics and GPS caches.  Gold (50G)

  • 42 Relics / 54 Documents / 75 GPS caches
  • You can check on your status at any time by pressing select and bring up the map
  • None of the collectables are missable as you can return to the game after finished and fast travel to search for the ones you missed.
  • If you are having problems with finding the collectables you can use Lara’s Survival Instinct by pressing L2.  All collectables will be highlighted in a golden yellow color.
  • Lara can learn Orienteering which will improve Lara’s Survival Instinct.  This skill will highlight the items through walls and add their locations to your map.
  • There are treasure maps rewarded for completing optional tombs that when used will reveal all item locations on your map.
  • Lara can learn Cartography which will reveal the location of every optional tomb and treasure map.
  • Included in the list below is also the conversations needed for the trophy “Chatterbox.”

Coastal Forest Collectables

  • After finding the two way radio leap for the ledge you can’t quite reach.  Continue down the path and when it bends left look right into the trees.  Here you will see the very first collectable in the game that you can’t get it yet.  Remember where it is and you’ll return shortly.
  • GEAR: After a cut scene go collect your Makeshift Longbow
  • Return to the beginning where you saw the totem in the tree.  Shoot it for Ghost Hunter #1.
  • Attached to the same tree you acquired your longbow from will be hanging a totem.  Shoot it with your longbow for Ghost Hunter #2.
  • On the other side of this tree and across the river will be a platform to jump up to.  Follow the path, jump the gap and climb up on the right to find GPS Cache #1.
  • On the other side of the bow tree following the river you will see an overturned truck.  In the back lies Document #1.
  • As the creek takes a slight bend left before the waterfall turn right.  Jump to the set of rocks to the right with lootable arrows on them.  Attached underneath the second rock is the totem for Ghost Hunter #3.
  • Following the creek stand above the waterfall and look a little left.  From here you will see another totem hanging from a cliff face.  Shoot it for Ghost Hunter #4.
  • At the base of this same waterfall will be GPS Cache #2.
  • Looking at the waterfall to the left will be a platform.  Climb to the top to acquire GPS Cache #3.
  • Follow the creek over the mini waterfall and turn right into the stationary water.  Continue around this rock and directly in front of you hanging there will be Ghost Hunter #5.
  • Head back to the campfire to cook your venison and continue the story.
  • After the door closes on you and you climb down the ladder there will be a burnable blockade to your left.  To your right just another step ahead on a table will be Relic #1 – Hannya Mask.
  • GEAR: You will pick up a Pry Axe in a cut scene.
  • Lara will take a rest at a campfire.  In this same camp on a makeshift desk will be Document #2.
  • Right as Whitman starts yelling at you to head up the hill you should finish walking down the stairs and turn right.  On top of this rock will be GPS Cache #4.
  • From the previous Cache straight ahead and under the bridge lies Relic #2 – Female Noh Mask.
  • On a little ledge attached to the bridge next to a broken down mine shaft entrance will be Document #3.
  • Under the larger bridge that crosses the waterfall will be Ghost Hunter #6.
  • Climb into the hunting stand that holds the zip line to the left. Do so by traveling up the right most wall and jumping onto a red archway.  From the arch you can jump to the hunting stand.  On a crate on top of the hunting stand will be the Treasure Map #1 for the area.
  • Use the zip line down and land near a small bridge to the right.  Underneath this bridge will be the totem for Ghost Hunter #7.
  • On the other side of this bridge on the left up in the trees a little will be the totem for Ghost Hunter #8.
    Just left and on the other side of this bridge on top of some rocks holds the last GPS Cache #5 of the area.
  • From here continue to head down the left side of the map and you will come across another shrine.  In the middle of this shrine you will find Ghost Hunter #9 and Document #4.
  • Upon leaving this shrine keep the outside wall close to your left.  After swinging across the small gap around the next corner to the left is a small cave entrance.  Inside is Relic #3 – Oni Noh Mask.
  • Continuing up this path you will reach a cut scene and another camp.
  • CHATTERBOX #1:  After the cut scene and trying to open the gate fails you will be required to find 50 salvage.  Talk to Whitman before looking for this salvage (4 times total).  If you happen to have 50 salvage already do NOT upgrade your axe until you have talked to him 4 times total.  There is a rare occurrence that he will not talk to you the full 4 times before upgrading your axe.  If this is the case you will have to upgrade it then finish talking to him when he is near the crank.
  • To the left of these large doors in the corner will be the last Document #5 of the area.
  • To the right of the large doors hanging in the corner will be Ghost Hunter #10, the last collectable of the area.
  • Play through the next cut scene, collect GEAR: Semi-Auto Pistol, climb yourself a large ladder with three enemies nearby and find yourself in the next area.

Mountain Temple Collectibles

  • To your left and behind a waterfall on top of a crate lies a Treasure Map #1.
  • Returning to your starting point head to the right.  Up the cliff behind a crate will be GPS Cache #1.
  • From this point head around to the other side of this building to find the one and only camp for the area.
  • Hanging directly above this camp is the first lantern for Pyromaniac #1.  Shoot and destroy it for credit.
  • From the camp head toward the waterfall.  To the left there will be a crack in the wall.  Inside is a torch and Document #2.
  • At a point up the path you will learn about distractions.  After dealing with the two enemies head left around the building.  On the next corner another lantern will be hanging there waiting to be shot.  Pyromaniac #2.
  • From the same spot you learned around distractions stay to the right, go under an awning, and on to the other side where you climb up a step or two.  Just to the left here is GPS Cache #2.
  • Heading up the hill you will have to squeeze into a building.  To escape you must shoot the lantern also earning you Pyromaniac #3.
  • After dealing with four enemies on your way up some ramps in the corner will lie 3 barrels and another lantern for Pyromaniac #4.
  • After taking the zip line down directly to your right will be Document #1.
  • Turnaround from the zip line landing – take a few steps and turn left.  Climb this flat wall and the next building in the top floor holds Relic #1 – Green Folded Fan.
  • On the corner of this top floor hanging there will be another lantern for Pyromaniac #5.
  • Heading back to the zip line landing area, turn around and instead of climbing the wall to the left go down the stairs.  Inside this building will be the last collectable of the area in form of Relic #2 – Gunbai War Fan.
  • Climbing a very tight cliff opening will end your time in this area and after a cut scene you will end up starting in the next area.

Mountain Village Collectables

  • As a warning to this zone – you will be returning here multiple times throughout the entire game.  Do not worry if you haven’t found everything on your first trip through, everything will come to you eventually.
  • Starting after the cut scene you will end up automatically discovering the first camp of the area.
  • Head toward the waterfall.  At the base of the waterfall on the left side will be GPS Cache #1.
  • Staying on the path from the camp site towards the structures you will come across a statue holding a pot with wood inside of it.  Light up the pot with fire to get Illumination #1.
  • Climb onto the statue’s building and face the same way the statue is facing.  On a building a little to the right will be GPS Cache #2.
  • Climb onto the statue’s building again and face the opposite way the statue is facing.  Jump to a suspended block and into a room.  Turn left and on the ground in the corner lies Relic #1 – Silver Flask.
  • After heading up the stairs turn left and there will be Document #1.
  • After getting to the top of the cliff head at the waterfall.  On the right there will be a cave entrance.  In the door frame to the cave entrance will GPS Cache #3.
  • After acquiring the First Aid Kit from the cave return down the mountain to Roth. He will at this point provide you with an upgrade; GEAR: Climbing Axe.
  • CHATTERBOX #2: Roth tells you to test the new axe on the rocks in front of you, instead of doing so turn around and talk to him until he won’t talk anymore for the second step of this trophy.
  • On your way up when you pass the waterfall with the hidden opening to the right – enter it and continue on the path to unlock the Tomb; “Tomb of the Unworthy.”
  • After climbing up the waterfall three enemies will yell back and forth.  The enemy’s building on the right holds Document #2.
  • The enemy’s building on the left holds GPS Cache #4 hiding in a tuft of grass.
  • After dealing with the three enemies you will climb up the rock face and you will end up with another statue right in front of you.  Light it up with the flame just a couple jumps away for Illumination #2.
  • From the statue turn and jump to the left to the upper story of this building.  On the desk will be Relic #1 – Yagen.
  • On the roof of this same building is a nest with some golden looking eggs in them.  Loot the eggs for Egg Poacher #1.  The box to climb onto the roof is just outside the door you had just entered from.
  • Directly right of where you had picked up the fire for the previous statue is a rooftop to drop down onto.  Jump down there and collect GPS Cache #5.
  • Continue on your journey and will end up traveling into a new zone.

Base Approach Collectables

  • When the cut scene with Lara at the campfire ends just behind where she was sitting lays Relic #1 – Bronze Chinese Coin.
  • From the camp walk over an ammo crate and turn slightly left.  Hidden behind an old truck on the ground will be GPS Cache #1.
  • After fighting a large group of enemies head into the left part of the structure and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs lies Relic #2 – Bronze Japanese Coin.
  • Exiting the doorway from the previous collectable you will come across a second flood light.  Once on its platform go around the walkway to the left.  The last collectable of the area is at the end of this short path, GPS Cache #2.
  • Climbing up the rest of the way up the tower and taking a zip line will put you into the next area.

Mountain Base Collectables

  • As soon as you exit the water Document #1 will be on a desk.
  • Traveling in a small crawl hole and coming out the other side will lead into a hallway with two doors in it.  The first door in this hall that is to the right will hold the first needed for the next collectable.  The second door on the left will have a red rug in it.  Directly above it will be a banner that is required to be burned for Non-Believer #1.
  • After dropping into an enclosed room from a vent like structure turn around and burn the banner off the wall for Non-Believer #2.  The fires can be acquired from any of the lanterns on the ground here.
  • Directly to the right of where the enemy was yelling at you to the right on the wall will be another banner for Non-Believer #3.
  • After acquiring the GEAR: Sub Machine Gun through the next door on the desk will be Document #2.
  • To the right of this desk on the ground is GPS Cache #1.
  • Entering the next room a large fight will break out.  On the first floor of this room on the right side behind three rusty pipes lies GPS Cache #2.
  • Continue along the path and deal with the single enemy.  Grab the fire from the barrel and return to the camp room.  Turn left once getting into it and in this side room will be a banner you can burn for Non-Believer #4.
  • Just after a cut scene in a radio room about climbing a tower turn to the door you had just entered from.  On the desk here will be the final Document #3.
  • On the wall just to the left of the last document will be the final banner that needs to be burned for Non-Believer #5.
  • With all the collectables complete here you can continue onto the next area.

Base Exterior Collectables

  • You will start almost on top of a new base camp upon starting this area.
  • After having a struggle with an enemy that tries to fly on the other side of this truck lies GPS Cache #1.
  • Before using the path that does a switch back to the right climb up a wall and to the right in a corner is Relic #1.
  • Continue up the path until you get to the end right before you must hurdle a wall to the left.  There will be a building with a burning barrel on the first floor.  On the second story of this building will be Document #1.
  • After defeating the ‘Big Guy’ with the shield and helmet you can enter his building.  On the second floor of this building there is a door you must use your axe to open.  Once inside on some barrels is Relic #2 – Japanese Dog Tags.
  • Once you reach the top of this tower you will unlock another campsite.  Just behind the campfire use this zip line and behind a burning barrel lies Treasure Map #1.
  • Returning to the campfire and looking just behind it lies the final collectable of the area in the form of a Document #2.
  • Climbing the radio tower, having a cut scene and zip lining down the other side will land you in a fuel depot of sorts.  Entering the only building there will get you GEAR: Fire Striker.
  • Continuing your adventure will have you ending up in a new zone that has only one camp that you will naturally come across.  So after exiting Cliffside Village you will find yourself back in an area you had already been.

Mountain Village Collectables (for a second time)

  • CHATTERBOX #3: Just after having a cut scene with Roth about the Co-Pilot and sacrifices turn and talk to him again four times.
  • After creating and using the zip line there will be a building here.  Inside this building on a table lies Relic #2.
  • Continuing on the path to the left of the next zip line is another statue waiting to be lit up for Illumination #3.
  • After crafting yet another zip line and climbing a wall with your axe you will come across two enemies with their backs turned.  Deal with them however you see fit and turn left down a small hall and into another statue for Illumination #4.
  • Back at where the two enemies were head up the zip line and into the cave to find the Tomb; “Hall of Ascension.”
  • Back at the spot where the two enemies were instead of using the zip line to go up, drop off the edge closest to you and hop across the water for Relic #3.
  • Cross the fallen log to the right of the previous relic and walk around the cliff for Egg Poacher #2.
  • Directly above the eggs is Illumination #5.  Climb the cliff face with your axe to light this fire.
  • Shoot another zip line towards a large tree stump to the right.  Over on that rock will be GPS Cache #6.
  • Return to the platform you had just come from, shoot a zip line parallel with the waterfall and at the end of this line Document #3 awaits.
  • After using yet another zip line climb the wall and collect Document #4.  Drop off the back side of the edge for Egg Poacher #3.
  • Instead of using a zip line to get to the flare turn and use the other post to create a zip line across the gap.  Travel around this rock for Illumination #6.
  • Travel to the flare finally and go look for that Co-Pilot.  Doing so will leave you ending up in a new zone.
  • The new zone Mountain Pass doesn’t hold any collectables aside a camp that you will automatically find.  Continuing on through this zone you will end up in another zone, the Chasm Monastery that also has no collectables aside one single camp.  Continuing on through both of these will leave you coming out in a familiar location again.

Mountain Village (for yet a third time)

  • Upon exiting the cave you will automatically find a new camp.
  • Immediately after the campfire jump into the water and turn left for a statue waiting to be lit up for Illumination #7.  Cross the bridge and head to the right up the creek for some lootable boxes.  On a dry piece of land to the right as you run up the creek will have GPS Cache #7.
  • Create and use the zip line.  Head around the rock to the left and on the edge before jumping to the red arch way will be GPS Cache #8.
  • Jump on top of the red arch and across for a lootable box and Illumination #8.
  • After dealing with the three enemies create and use the zip line.  Upon landing directly to the right on the rocks will be GPS Cache #9.
  • Inside this building run up the side of the bell to get to the upper story.  On the desk will be Document #5.
  • Instead of heading toward the temple turn around and blast your way through the blocked doorway.  Near the plane wreck right next to the campfire will be Document #6.
  • Go to the plane crash and run up the remaining pieces of the tail and jump to the cliff.  To the right next to some arrows lies GPS Cache #10.
  • Return to the first statue that you had lit up in the area, the one that is just on the other side of the plane crash.  Just on the other side of this statue is a door that can be rope pulled to open.  Inside lies Relic #5 – Dried Gobo Root.
  • Follow the trail of boxed that were from the plane crash and head up the hill.  Once at the top the left building holds Relic #6 – USMC Dogtags.
  • Just outside this building to the right there is a flat wall.  Climb this wall and light up Illumination #9.
  • Continue up the stairs to the right.  Once arriving at the top behind what used to be a shack lies GPS Cache #11.
  • Turning around and head down the stairs. Jump onto the roof of the left building will be the nest for Egg Poacher #4.
  • From this nest use the zip line to climb.  Once arriving go under the stairs in front of you and loot GPS Cache #12.
  • Use these stairs and jump to the next ledge and light up the final Illumination #10.
  • Turn around and jump onto the roof of the next shack over.  Jump onto a very long zip line and make your climb to the top towards an already lit statue.  Continue on the path and enter the house.  Blast open the door and pick up Document #7.
  • Return to the long zip line and ride it down.  After landing take the zip line to the right down as well.  After landing again take the shorter zip line that is parallel to the ground.  Make your way to the roof of this building and on the left side collect Egg Poacher #5.
  • From the roof jump to a ledge to the left holding GPS Cache #13.
  • Directly in front of you is some debris to shoot.  Once inside this building shoot out the next debris, jump onto a roof thing, and collect GPS Cache #14.
  • Turn around and fall to the ground.  On the right side next to some gravestones lies the final collectable for this area (Finally). GPS Cache #15.
  • Continue on the main story line at this point and you will attempt to swim and fly.  After finally working your feet to solid ground you will arrive in the next area.

Shantytown Collectables

  • Once arriving your first and only priority is getting to that plane.  Any collectables will be found after getting to it.
  • After a large firefight head down from the camp and shoot open the door with the shotgun.  On the left on the desk is Relic #1 – Decorative Inro.
  • From the camp stay on the right buildings and walk to the end. On the other side of some busted walls will be GPS Cache #1.
  • Strait above this point on the top floor is an alarm/flood light to destroy that will get you Silencer #1.
  • From the same camp go ‘down the middle’ through a building.  Shoot open the doorway and Document #1 will be on a table on the right.
  • Directly above this point on the left side of the room will be Document #2 on a crate.
  • Continuing through this room turn right and shoot the debris with the shotgun.  Turn left and on the ground in front of the next set of debris will be GPS Cache #2.
  • Shoot the debris and walk forward on the path.  At the four barb-wire boxes get on the porch and to the right you will shoot more debris.  On the shelf inside will be Relic #2 – Jade Horse.
  • From this room head up the stairs and rope pull the ground to expose a secret tunnel.  Once you drop down at your feet will be GPS Cache #3.
  • Continuing on this path will lead you to Tomb; “Well of Tears.”
  • From this room leave and go past the cage like structure and explosive barrels.  Stay on the dirt path and pass a single barrel on its side on a porch.  The next building will have some shoot-able debris.  Inside this room on the floor will be GPS Cache #4.
  • Head outside and left.  At the edge of the building turn and hoist yourself to the second floor.  Turn right at the debris on a small table is Relic #3 – Jade Water Buffalo.
  • At the doorway of where you had just entered climb up one more level.  Look under the zip line and shoot a flame arrow at the large totem/ghost thing.  Rope pull it down for credit towards Laid to Rest #1.
  • Get back on the dirt road that had led to this building.  Walk past two more explosive barrels up to a debris wall.  Shoot it and once inside loot GPS Cache #5.
  • Climb the flat wall to the left of where the debris was.  Survive the firefight and climb to the next floor.  Inside this room is Relic #4 – Metal Inro.
  • Climb the same building to the top floor and collect Document #3.
  • Continuing to the main story line area you will come across a fairly large and open area.  To the right in this area as you walk in will be another totem like structure to burn and pull down for Laid to Rest #2.
  • Fight in this area until everything is dead and open the gate.  Upon opening the gate you will automatically discover another camp site.
  • Traveling down from the camp site stay on the left.  Shoot open the door and on the desk will be Document #4.
  • From here strait across the mud/sewage pit will be Laid to Rest #3.
  • Continue on the path and upon reaching a bridge underneath it to the right will be GPS Cache #6.
  • After a cut scene you will have to fight enemies that have dynamite.  This is a perfect spot to acquire both Epic Fumble and Boom Goes the Dynamite.  When I tried at this spot my first two shots got both of the trophies.  Super easy location to farm this at.
  • After this fight use their zip line they so proudly provided you with and climb to the other side.  On the top of the right most shack is another alarm waiting to be destroyed for Silencer #2.
  • Shoot open the debris and head down the ramp.  On the table in front of you is Relic #5 – Commander’s Inro.
  • To the left of here there is a makeshift bridge.  On the right side in the grass is GPS Cache #7.
  • On the right side down the river use the stairs to get up a level and go forward and around to the right.  Shoot the debris and collect GPS Cache #8.
  • Look left before climbing the flat wall.  On the cliff-side is the totem for Laid to Rest #4.
  • Climb up two white flat walls and turn left then left again.  Mind the gap and climb up.  Turn around, jump and climb up again. Just in front of you is the alarm for Silencer #3.
  • Continuing on the path before climbing yet another white flat wall.  Go around the wall to the right.  In the corner is GPS Cache #9.
  • Go around this same wall but this time to the left.  Destroy the debris and collect Relic #6.
  • Rather than making the jump across the windmill gap drop down onto the ground.  Under these stairs in front of you on a desk is Document #5.
  • On the front side of the stairs behind a metal sheet is GPS Cache #10.
  • To the right of the first desk is another desk that holds Relic #7.
  • To the left of the first desk through a gate opening is an alarm for Silencer #4.
  • Drop down from here for GPS Cache #11.
  • Climb back up and turn right.  Shoot some debris and in a bush will be GPS Cache #12.
  • In the back of this area is a camp.  Behind this camp is the entrance to a Tomb.  Once inside this entrance directly to the left in the corner is GPS Cache #13.
  • Heading to the back of this cave you will eventually end up coming to a Tomb; “Chamber of Judgment.”
  • Climb to where the gondola turns around.  Behind the end of the line is a cave.  Once inside on the ground will be GPS Cache #14.
  • If you were to be riding a gondola upwards on your left would be a white flat wall to climb.  Once up there break the alarm for Silencer #5.
  • From here use the makeshift ladder to climb up and turn left.  On the ground here is the final GPS Cache #15.
  • Turnaround from here and destroy the final Laid to Rest #5.
  • There will be a cut scene with a sniper.  Afterwards climbing the next wall will get you the final camp for the area.
  • After some cut scenes you will end up in the next area of the game.

Geothermal Caverns

  • You will automatically come across the first camp of the area.  Next to this campfire will be Document #1.
  • Walk up to the person that got attacked by prisoners and turn a little left.  Up on a platform will be Relic #1 – Funeral Fan.
  • Turn around while on the platform and look on the roof to see a corpse in a bag.  Shoot it with a flame arrow to burn it and get credit for Firestarter #1.
  • Jump off this platform and run to the right.  Go through the natural gas and try not to use what few arrows you have on the enemy that appears.  Climb up on the platform in front of you and loot GPS Cache #1.
  • Turn around and look straight over the support beam.  Partially hidden in the back is another bag to be burned for Firestarter #2.
  • Exit through the gas and turn left.  Just past the prisoner with his arm though the bar asking for food lies GPS Cache #2.
  • Continuing on this path there is a body bag attached to the ceiling.  Burn it for Firestarter #3.
  • You will hear voices and hide behind the rocks on the right.  Just a little further to the right will be GPS Cache #3.
  • Right at the game board with the two enemies will be Document #2.
  • Turn right at the game board and head up the hill.  Behind the camp on the cage is Relic #2 – Wedding Fan.
  • On top of the platform where you blow up the gas to get a ‘step ladder’ will be another collectable.  The left side of this structure serves as a ladder to climb up and reach Treasure Map #1.
  • After dealing with all the enemies right above where they were talking is the bag for Firestarter #4.
  • Look forward up the path and shoot the bag for Firestarter #5.
  • Continue up the path and under where the previous bag was will be an orange box and GPS Cache #4.
  • After climbing up the axe wall you will come across an enemy with his back to you.  To his right in the air is the final bag for Firestarter #6.
  • Go towards the chanting enemies and eliminate them how you see fit.  On the left side of the steps at the altar is Document #3.
  • Behind the alter is the final Relic #3
  • Head right and up the stairs.  Head left under the gigantic ‘chandelier’.  In the corner near an orange box is the final collectable of the area GPS Cache #5.
  • Continue on through the level and you will end up in the next area.  Solarii Fortress has only one camp to find that you will naturally come across.  Though while in this area you will also find GEAR: Grenade Launcher.  Upon completing this zone you will eventually get to a new zone with collectables again.

Summit Forest

  • Turnaround from when the cut scene ends and on the rock will be Document #1.
  • As soon as you walk under the archway turn right.  A little ways down against the wall will be the first mushroom you must pick up for Red Cap Roundup #1.
  • Just left of this mushroom to the left of the crash in some bushes is Relic #1.
  • To the right of the wreckage and behind a tree is Red Cap Roundup #2.
  • Heading down the walkway from the arch stay close to the left wall.  You will find GPS Cache #1 on the ground in some water.
  • As you continue on the path you will hear some enemies talking.  At this point just to the left will be Red Cap Roundup #3.
  • After dealing with the enemies however you see fit work your way to the right.  Climb up an axe wall and leap to the hunter’s stand that has a zip line attached to it.  Climb the line and loot Relic #2.
  • Backtrack the way you came and stay with the wall directly at your right.  You will pass a large boulder to your left, behind the next tree right before the creek will be Red Cap Roundup #4.
  • Right behind this point use your rope pull and climb up into the building.  Turn and jump to the next ledge to pick up GPS Cache #2.
  • In front of you climb up on the boulder and turn left.  Jump to a small ledge for Red Cap Roundup #5.
  • Go to the creek and wade into the water.  Turn right and just to the left of the waterfall in the water will be GPS Cache #3.
  • Sticking against the right wall make your way to a ledge that has debris on it that must be cleared with the shotgun.  Before jumping through the debris jump down and to the left.  In a little nook will be Red Cap Roundup #6.
  • Clear the debris above and jump in.  Hit the slide and jump at the end.  Make sure to also attach to the wall with your axe or you will have to do the long run again.  After traversing the wall onto the ledge grab GPS Cache #4 waiting on a stump at the end.
  • Go back to where you destroyed the debris and climb the zip line to the right. From here look left and leap to a thin ledge for Relic #3.
  • From the camp in the center go inside the building and on the desk is Document #2.
  • Across the water from the camp and slightly to the right on the shore is Red Cap Roundup #7.
  • Return to where you first entered this area from and this time keep the walls to your left.  After a second or two of running will be Red Cap Roundup #8.
  • On the other side of the bridge on the left side will be Red Cap Roundup #9.
  • Just after the bridge on the left will be another Tomb; ‘Stoneguard Sanctum’.
  • Heading toward the next checkpoint you will find some stairs leading to a cave.  At the top of these stairs on the right will be the final mushroom for Red Cap Roundup #10.
  • Get past the wolves’ cage room and climb the axe wall.  Just to the left of the candle table on the ground lies the final collectable of the area GPS Cache #5.
  • Continuing on your quest you will return to Shantytown for nothing other than to get a free ride on the gondola transport.  Upon the long journey on the gondola you will finally end up in the next area.

Shipwreck Beach

  • As soon as you jump down from the broken bridge onto the other half of the bridge turn left and next to a tree is GPS Cache #1.
  • Jump into the small creek from where you started and head toward the buoy.  Unblock the creek and push it down to join its buoy brother.  Plant one directly under the axe wall and put the other half way between the rock that is sticking out of the water and the first buoy.  Jump from the rock onto one of the buoys and then onto the other.  Jump and climb to the top of this axe wall and loot the grave site for Cairn Raider #1.
  • Head right down the middle of the map down the hill and loot Cairn Raider #2.
  • Head down the left side of the map and head down into the sand.  Just before a very large land mine is GPS Cache #2.
  • Blow up this mine as well for Minesweeper #1.
  • Climb the rock ledge behind you to your right.  At the top of this will be the lootable grave for Cairn Raider #3.
  • Continuing down the beach you will reach the water.  Shoot anyone of the many crabs for ‘Crab Cakes.’
  • Near the crabs under the dock lies GPS Cache #3.
  • On the other side of the docks on the beach is another mine for Minesweeper #2.
  • Stay on the beach and head down towards the other end.  Next to a large sideways half-buried anchor will be GPS Cache #4.
  • Once you discover the camp the building behind the fire holds a desk with Document #1 on it.
  • On the roof of this same building in a corner holds GPS Cache #5.
  • The building to the right of the one currently in holds another collectable.  Open the door with the axe and loot Document #2.
  • CHATTERBOX #4: Head towards the boat and start a cut scene. After the cut scene is over talk to Sam, Reyes, and Jonah each three times for nine total times.
  • On your hunt for the pulley-like instrument you will reach a crane.  From here look into the water to the left.  Here will be Minesweeper #3.
  • On the other side of the crane before climbing the ladder look out to the right and find the Minesweeper #4.
  • After using the zip line down the crane look out left into the water and out there will be another Minesweeper #5.
  • You will gather the part and deal with the three enemies.  Before crossing the plank you will turn left and lying on a table is Relic #1 – Brown Jade Ink Box.
  • CHATTERBOX #5: After returning with the tools Jonah will give you a compound bow.  Before looking for Alex talk with everyone present; Sam 3 times, Whitman 2 times, Reyes 2 times, and Jonah 4 times.
  • Heading towards the crashed ship you will learn about creating zip lines into axe wall ledges.  As you approach to the left of the ship up on a ledge will be GPS Cache #6.
  • Making your way onto the wrecked ship climb up the tallest part of the ship to the crow’s nest.  Up at the top will be GPS Cache #7.
  • Directly three levels below where you are currently at inside the ship will be Relic #2 – Stained Jade Head Rest.
  • Directly above this on the outside of the ship will be Relic #3 – Stuffed Bunny.
  • From here look into the water under the suspended crate to find and shoot Minesweeper #6.
  • After reaching dry land on the other side of the ship look out into the water between the rock pillar and the broken ship parts for yet another Minesweeper #7.
  • Going forward you will deal with two enemies up on the rock pillar.  Stay on the ground level and work your way around this pillar to the right.  On the back side of this will be Cairn Raider #4.
  • Head back to where you shot the two enemies from and turn left to a waterfall.  On the right side of this waterfall will be a cave.  Inside is GPS Cache #8.
  • Exiting the cave to the left will be another Minesweeper #8.
  • Strait out from the cave and a little right of the previous mine will be a broken down elevated dock.  To get on top of this dock piece now you must jump on the rock to its right.  Then you must jump onto one of the small posts and finally up to the top where you will find GPS Cache #9.  This is actually not the ‘proper’ way to loot this item.  If it gives you troubles doing all these acrobatics we will make sure you get this collectable later in the game.
  • Jump off the dock (or walk out from underneath it if you haven’t managed to get on top of it) and walk forward.  Get as close to the edge as you can without testing the water temperature and look right.  Just around the rocks here you will be able to see and shoot for Minesweeper #9.
  • Turning around from here walk forward and to a small path that goes towards the right.  Head in, take the left path and laying there will be GPS Cache #10.
  • Continue along this path you will find buried in the sand the final explosive for Minesweeper #10.
  • Returning where you had shot the last two enemies on the rock pillar you will head into the right doorway where one of the enemies was.  Climb up a ladder and before scaling up the series of flat walls shoot the debris with your shotgun at the top.  Once you shoot and climb this wall you will collect Relic #4 – Toy Train.
  • At the top of this structure use the zip line down and deal with the two enemies.  Jump to the ledge they were on and collect GPS Cache #11.
  • Turn right from here and jump towards a Buoy.  This buoy, if pushed down the waterfall, can be retrieved and pushed to where you can loot the collectable on the broken dock if you weren’t able to manage to get it before.  Continue past the buoy and back onto a small patch of dry land.  In a corner you will receive GPS Cache #12.
  • Return to where you had killed the last two enemies and open the door that leads to another tomb.  Just inside after turning left on a table will be Relic #5 – Shaped Jade Head Rest.
  • Keep heading along the path.  Turn right and make an axe climb up.  Keep going and you will end up in a larger room.  On the desk to the left is Relic # 6 – Worn Wallet
  • Continue along this path to eventually reach the Tomb, “The Flooded Vault.”
  • Continuing on to the main story line you will come across an area with a bridge and short natural rock archway.  Before jumping across the mast of the ship turn right and follow this path leading you to the final grave site for Cairn Raider #5.
  • Across the mast and reach a grassy cliff with a small wooden structure.  Underneath it lies Document #3.
  • Continue on this path to end up in a new area.

Cliffside Bunker

  • As you crawl out of the short cave to the left of the rope post will be GPS Cache #1.
  • You will cross over the gap and find yourself an old artillery room.  Behind the artillery on a wall to the left will be a banner that must be burned for Previous Inhabitants #1.
  • After coming out of another crawl hole you will have an enemy right in front of you.  To the right in the corner is GPS Cache #2.
  • After clearing the entire large room of enemies in the back on a desk will be Document #1.
  • In this large room high up above the crack you entered from will be another banner for Previous Inhabitants #2.
  • After fighting throughout the building once you get to the rooftop turn around and burn the banner off the wall for Previous Inhabitants #3.
  • Facing where they banner was to the right on the ground will be GPS Cache #3.
  • Drop down near the campfire and Document #2 will be waiting for you.
  • To the left of the campfire you will need to look way up on the crane.  A long ways up will be the final banner of the area.  Burn it to complete Previous Inhabitants #4.
  • To the left of the campfire behind the busted up truck lies Relic #1 – Japanese 2 Sen Coin.
  • To the left of the campfire behind six boxes is GPS Cache #4.
  • After shooting a zip line into the axe wall slide down the zip line and climb up the rocks.  Around the rocks to the left will be GPS Cache #5.
  • After fighting a very large enemy you will have acquired GEAR: Rope Ascender.
  • Drop yourself into the boat and walk down the path.  A cut scene will happen and once it ends in the middle of the floor will be Document #3.  Once you start heading back towards Shipwreck Beach a cut scene will automatically provide you with Document #4.
  • After exiting the room you are in turn right and open this door with your new rope pull tool.  Once inside pick up the Relic #2 – 100 Mon Coin.
  • Return back to the artillery room, break the door you were unable to before, and then turn right.  Here in the corner is Relic #3.
  • On the other side of this rock in front of you will be the Treasure Map #1.
  • Make your way back towards the previous area.

Shipwreck Beach (the second time)

  • Upon returning to this area zip like up towards three enemies.  Back up off this cliff and pick up GPS Cache #13.
  • Triple zip line down strait into a cut scene.  Where you land will be the next tomb you are going to.
  • CHATTERBOX #6: Before leaving the camp make sure to talk to everyone in the area.  You talk with Jonah 3 times, Whitman 3 times, Reyes 3 times and your sister Sam gets none as she becomes a sleeper.  At this point if done correctly you will have earned ‘Chatterbox.’  If somehow you missed one (as I did my first try) you will have to play a new game from the beginning and make sure to acquire them all on a separate playthrough.
  • After talking with all of them head back to where the zip line had dropped you off and head into Tomb, “Temple of the Hand Maidens.”
  • Continue your quest by heading towards the elevator behind the camp’s buildings to the right.  Once you get to the top of the elevator climb yourself to the roof of the elevator shaft.  Up here you will pick up GPS Cache #14.
  • Use the zip lines and climb the axe walls.  Once you reach the top of this rock you will find the last two collectables of the area on this very small rock.  Document #4 is on a stool and GPS Cache #15 behind the tower to the right.
  • Continuing on your adventures will take you to the next area.

Research Base

  • As soon as you drop into the water turn to your left and forward will be GPS Cache #1.
  • Turnaround from this spot and blast open the wall with a grenade.  Shoot and climb the wall to the left and pick up a Relic #1 – Chou Dynasty Helmet.
  • After squeezing through a crack in the top left corner of this small shaft will be a sun trinket necklace like this to shoot.  Shooting it will start your hunt for Sun Killer #1.
  • Shortly after squeezing though the crack directly to the right of the campfire on the desk will be Document #1.
  • Open the door with your axe and look up and left to see and shoot Sun Killer #2.
  • Look from the same exact spot but this time instead of left look straight through a long rectangular window.  Hiding in front of a body bag strung from the ceiling will be Sun Killer #3.  If you are having a hard time finding it pull out the bow and aim in the area of the body bag.  When your crosshairs turn red let the arrow fly and get the collectable.
  • Jump over and climb through this same rectangular window to collect GPS Cache #2.
  • Upon finding the elevator you will head to the 3rd floor.  In a little alcove on a barrel is Document #2.
  • At the bottom level after you have lowered the elevator step off and look right.  To the right of the big red one hanging there will be Sun Killer #4.
  • On the other side of the unmovable blast doors in front of you will be Relic #2 – Ceremonial Helmet.
  • From here go to the other side of the cart with piles of boxes on it.  Look to the right through the chain link fence and shoot Sun Killer #5.
  • After dealing with the two enemies turn right into a small hall.  On the right side of this hall there is a small opening on top of the boxes.  Jump up there, crawl through and pick up GPS Cache #3.
  • Where the two enemies were turn left instead of right and climb the boxes again.  This time finding Treasure Map #1.
  • In the final room head up the stairs and watch a cut scene.  At this point you will automatically receive the final collectable for the area in the form of Document #3.
  • Continue along the given path and you will eventually come to a new area.

Location Unknown

  • When you pause the game it gives you the location as ‘Location Unknown’ even though you are at the Chasm Shrine.  Not sure the reasoning behind this just know that is there.
  • While assaulting the shine during a cut scene there will be a large guy and a mighty wind.  After you are inside the next building to the left on a table near a campfire will be Relic #1 – Kansu Burial Urn.
  • To the right of the doorway you will be leaving from will be Document #1.
  • After using your axe to open the next door drop down into the arena like area.  Behind you to your left will be another Relic #2 – Ban Chiang Vase.
  • Climb the wall nearby and turn right.  At the end of this path lies Document #2.
  • Turnaround from here and use the ramp to hoist yourself up to the next level.  At the end of this path on a table is a Treasure Map #1.
  • You will solve the ‘puzzle’ room and watch the next cut scene.  To the right from when you can play again will be a little alcove and inside will be Document #3.
  • You will come across this final campfire of the game.  To the right of it lies the final collectable you must look for in the game in the form of Relic #3 – Satsuma Vase.
  • Use this campfire to upgrade anything you can as this is your last stopping point before post game exploration if needed.  I picked up ‘The Professional’ here so no post game farming was needed.  Upon finishing the game Lara will write ‘Lara’s Entry #10’ and will complete 100% of your collectables.

Scrounger   Scrounger – Collect 5000 pieces of salvage.  Bronze (20G)

  • This trophy is cumulative so you are not required to be holding 5,000 at the same time.
  • Salvage is earned from looting dead enemies, found in yellow crates and big metal caches.
  • To help with this trophy learn Lara’s skill ‘Advanced Salvaging’ which will increase the amount of salvage you will get.
  • To also help with this trophy learn Lara’s skill ‘Bone Collector’ which will allow animals to drop salvage as well.

Picky   Picky – Loot 200 enemies.  Bronze (15G)

  • After killing enemies go to them and salvage them.  200 in total will net you this trophy.

Clever Girl   Clever Girl – Purchase all skills in one category.  Silver (25G)

  • See ‘Lethal’ Below

lethal   Lethal – Purchase all skills in all categories.  Silver (50G)

  • There are 3 categories and 24 skills in total.
  • Experience is earned by everything that is done; killing enemies, finding collectables, clearing optional tombs, etc.
  • Certain activities will grant more experience than normal; getting headshots, stealth kills, etc.

Now We're Getting Serious   Now We’re Getting Serious – Fully mod and completely upgrade any weapon.  Bronze (25G)

  • See ‘The Professional’ below

The Professional   The Professional – Fully mod and completely upgrade all weapons.  Silver (50G)

  • There are 41 total upgrades listed below with the amount of salvage needed for the upgrade on the right.

o   Bow

  • Reinforced Limbs – 250
  • Wrapped String – 200
  • Rope Arrows – Story Related
  • Key Ring Trigger – 250
  • Fire Arrows – Story Related
  • Napalm Arrows – 350
  • Plaited String – 250
  • Explosive Arrows – 650
  • Stabilizing Weight – 300
  • Penetrating Arrows – 650

o   Handgun

  • Burst Fire Mode – 450
  • Extended Mag – 200
  • Port Vented Slide – 200
  • Muzzle Brake – 250
  • Rapid Fire Mod – 300
  • Magazine Well – 325
  • Ergonomic Grip – 300
  • Silencer – 350
  • High Capacity Mag – 250
  • Polished Barrel – 400

o   Rifle

  • High Capacity Mag – 225
  • Padded Stock – 300
  • Muzzle Brake – 350
  • Taped Double Mag – 300
  • Polished Ejector – 250
  • Barrel Shroud – 325
  • Grenade Launcher – Story Related
  • Frag Grenades – 500
  • Match Grade Barrel – 400
  • Scope – 250
  • Silencer – 500

o   Shotgun

  • Full Choke – 400
  • Polished Bolt – 300
  • Padded Grip – 300
  • Shell Mag – 350
  • Incendiary Shells – 400
  • Barrel Shroud – 325
  • Wrapped Stock – 300
  • Modified Receiver – 325
  • Drum Mag – 400

Big Game Hunter   Big Game Hunter – Kill and loot 10 large animals (Deer, Boar, Wolves).  Bronze (15G)

  • More than likely this will be your first trophy.
  • There are many deer in the first area when you get your bow.

Taste's Like Chicken!   Tastes Like Chicken! – Kill and Loot 10 small animals (Rabbits, Chickens, Rats)  Bronze (15G)

  • There are many rabbits in the first area when you get your bow.
  • Rats are more difficult to kill but there are a lot of them in the area ‘Shantytown’.

Feather Duster   Feather Duster – Kill and loot 10 Flying animals (Crows, Seagulls)  Bronze (15G)

  • There are many crows in the first area when you get your bow.
  • There are also a lot of seagulls in the area ‘Shipwreck Beach’.

Sharp Shooter   Sharp Shooter – Perform 50 headshot kills in the single player campaign.  Bronze (15G)

  • Headshots do more damage and reward more experience than getting a body-shot kill.

Predator   Predator – Kill 50 enemies with the bow.  Bronze (10G)

  • More than likely this trophy will be acquired early in the game as it is your first weapon and it will be used a lot in the early stages in the game.

Equalizer   Equalizer – Kill 75 enemies with the rifle.  Bronze (10G)

  • The rifle will be the 3rd weapon acquired in the game.
  • The rifle is acquired in the ‘Mountain Base’.

Widowmaker   Widowmaker – Kill 40 enemies with the shotgun.  Bronze (10G)

  • The shotgun will be the 4th and final weapon acquired in the game.
  • The shotgun is acquired in the ‘Chasm Monastery’.

Gunslinger   Gunslinger – Kill 35 enemies with the pistol.  Bronze (10G)

  • The pistol will be the 2nd weapon acquired in the game.
  • The pistol is acquired in the ‘Mountain Temple’.

Epic Fumble   Epic Fumble – Force an enemy to drop dynamite that kills two people when exploding.  Bronze (15G)

  • The best place to get this is upon reaching the second part of ‘Shantytown’ where enemies start throwing dynamite at you.
  • Enemies will be close together and should be easier to get it here than anywhere else.
  • Wait for an enemy to light the fuse and injure him (not kill) so his dynamite will drop and kill both himself and another enemy in the area.  One shot with a pistol to his leg I found to work the best.

Get Over Here!   Get Over Here! – Rope pull 5 enemies off edges.  Bronze (20G)

  • At a point in the game you will find a bow upgrade, “Rope Arrows.”
  • After acquiring the upgrade aim and shoot at enemies standing close to edge with the bow’s alternate fire R2 and Lara will pull him automatically.
  • I picked up all five of these upon first arriving in ‘Shantytown’ after the helicopter.  As waves of enemies came just pull them off of whatever ledge they were standing on and have them fall to their demise.

Opportunist   Opportunist – Kill 25 unaware enemies  Bronze (15G)

  • There are a lot of opportunities to kill enemies silently.  Wait for them to path around so their back is to you, sneak up behind them and press Triangle when you are close enough.
  • It is also possible to shoot enemies in the head with the bow for a silent kill as well.

Down and Dirty   Down and Dirty  Perform 15 finishers.  Bronze (15G)

  • When enemies are injured by shooting them in limbs (legs I found worked the best), they will drop down onto their knees and a Triangle will appear on them.
  • Press Triangle when this happens and Lara will perform a finisher move.
  • If the enemy has protective headgear the normal finisher will only break the headgear, will not kill the enemy, and it will not count toward the completion of this trophy.

Deadeye   Deadeye – Shoot 10 enemies off zip lines.  Bronze (20G)

  • There are very few enemies that use zip-lines in the game so do your best to kill every single one you see before they dismount.
  • The best two locations to achieve this is at the second part of ‘Shantytown’ and ‘Gondola Transport’. I acquired over 7 kills at the Gondola Transport that went into this trophy.  So if you feel you haven’t gotten enough in the early game fear not as you can potentially pick up all ten at the Gondola.

Former Adventurer   Former Adventurer – Incapacitate 25 enemies with dodge counter.  Bronze (20G)

  • Learn ‘Dodge Counter’ in Lara’s Brawler skills to get the availability to dodge counter.
  • After learning it get close to the enemies and press circle when they are about to physically attack.  This will slow down time and you just have to press Triangle at the right time to incapacitate enemies.
  • Accomplish this trophy before learning ‘Dodge Kill’ as it makes it impossible to stun the enemies with a dodge after learning that ability.  If you have already learned Dodge kill you will just end up killing them and that doesn’t count towards this trophy.

One Smart Cookie   One Smart Cookie – Complete one optional tomb.  Bronze (20G)

  • See ‘Intellectually Superior’ below.

Intellectually Superior   Intellectually Superior – Complete all optional tombs.  Gold (50G)

  • There are seven optional tombs to explore.
  • Each tomb features some sort of puzzle that are easy to complete.
  • All seven tombs names, locations, any gear required and a miniature solving guide are listed below.

o   Tomb of the Unworthy————- Mountain Village—– Climbing Axe

  • The first tomb is very simple and straight-forward.  Once passing under a wall over water that puts out your torch jump to the platform that holds the three body bags.  Jump to the other side to collect fire and return to burn the three bags on the lift.  Burn them all and jump to the first platform you entered the area from.  Push the cage down with Triangle which in turn will lift the platform where the bags were.  Climb onto the now much higher platform and jump to the axe wall.  Climb to the top and claim yourself the Treasure.

o   Hall of Ascension——————– Mountain Village

  • After crossing the bridge and entering the building travel to your left and close the windows.  As soon as they are closed they will slowly start to pop open so you need to run to the crack next to the front door.  As soon as the first window ‘pops’ open crank up the lift.  Once it’s up all the way jump onto it using the large crate to your left.  Once all the windows pop open you will get a free air ride to the far wall.  Jump and climb up to the rafter area.  Shimmy across the wall and into the next room for your Treasure.

o   Well of Tears————————- Shantytown

  • Throw the three cans you find onto the lift to lower it.  Place one of the cans on the very left edge (as you look at it from the mini-cliff).  While up on the mini-cliff use your pistol to shoot off one of the cans which will start to raise the lift.  Jump to the lift as it rises and then jump to the left ledge.  Climb up and collect yourself the Treasure.

o   Chamber of Judgment————– Shantytown

  • Rope pull the tire swing on the right to break one of the shelves giving you a container.  Throw three containers on each other shelf to break them.  Throw all four containers on the top side of the see-saw to make yourself a running ramp.  Leap and axe climb the wall in front of you for your Treasure.

o   Stormguard Sanctum————— Summit Forest

  • Upon entering shoot a fire arrow into the natural gas to your left and up a floor.  Quickly climb up to that ledge, turn left and climb up to another walkway.  Walk to the end of this walkway and turn left so that an axe wall and pile of debris is in front of you.  Lob some fire arrows into the debris until it burns (it took me three).  Make a leap and grab the axe wall.  Climb to the top and collect your Treasure.

o   The Flooded Vault——————- Shipwreck Beach

  • Head up to a room and turn on the electricity.  Come back down and open the door with the switch.  Head to the left towards the life raft looking thing.  Burn off the anchor and then shoot the debris in front of you.  Stand where the debris was and pull the raft toward you.  Get it as close to the wall as you can (Took me three pulls) and jump onto it.  Turn to the right and jump onto the newly accessible pathway.  From here rope pull the counterweight down to quit electrifying the water for a very short time.  When the electrical rod is in the air run across to the other side of the area through the water.  From here position yourself and pull the raft towards the pulley. Once it is close yank on the electrical counterweight and immediately pull the raft underneath it.  If done correctly there will be no more zappy water.  This allows you to wade through the water to the stairwell in the back left corner where your treasure awaits.

o   Temple of the Handmaidens—— Shipwreck Beach —-  Rope Ascender

  • Turn the crank to start the buoy.  Run up the cliff with it.  As it spins the first pole jump and swing to the next platform.  Run a few steps up, look down a little, and rope pull the next pole.  As the buoy pushes it into the correct position jump and swing across to receive your Treasure.

Unfinished Business   Unfinished Business – Complete one challenge.  Bronze (20G)

  • See ‘Inconceivable!’ Below

Inconceivable   Inconceivable! – Complete all challenges.  Silver (50G)

  • This trophy can be achieved at any time after the game is complete.
  • Challenges are like collectables that are not listed on your map.
  • Challenges consist of shooting, burning, or lighting up certain areas or objects.
  • To find the challenges you must activate your ‘Survival Instinct’ and like other collectables they will light up with a golden yellow color.
  • If you didn’t receive the trophy after you have completed every fast travel area you are probably missing the ‘Cliffside Bunker’.  There is no fast travel to this location and can only be reached by going through ‘Shipwreck Beach’.

A Survivor is Born!   A Survivor Is Born – Complete the game.  Silver (75G)

  • Story related – Can not be missed.

Boom Goes the Dynamite   Boom Goes the Dynamite – Shoot a bundle of dynamite out of the air.  Bronze Hidden (10G)

  • When dynamite gets thrown at you aim and shoot it in midair.  As long as it was destroyed before it hit the ground this trophy will be yours.
  • The best place to get this is during the second part of ‘Shantytown’.  Trying the trophy at this particular spot works well.  Using the shotgun worked really well for me.

Crab Cakes   Crab Cakes  – Kill FeeFee the crab.   Bronze Hidden (5G)

  • On the level ‘Shipwreck Shore’ there are a lot of crabs combing the beach.  Just kill one of them for this trophy to be yours.

Chatterbox   Chatterbox  – Complete all conversations with the Endurance crew.   Bronze Hidden (5G)

  • This trophy is missable, make sure to get these done in order.  If any are missed you will have to start a new game.
  • There are seven total conversations that must be had in order for this trophy to unlock that are listed below.

o   ‘Coastal Forest’ – After Lara and Whitman try to open the large gate, talk to Whitman before searching for 50 pieces of salvage. If you’ve already found at least 50 pieces of salvage, do NOT walk away from him until you have all available conversations. (4 Total)

o   ‘Mountain Village’ – You’ll find Roth getting attacked by wolves. After the scene, you’ll need to get Roth’s bag back. Roth will give you a climbing axe when you return and tell you to climb the rocks in front of you. Instead of climbing go back and talk to him.

o   ‘Mountain Village’ – Shortly after getting the Rope Arrows you will go back to Mountain Village and meet Roth again. Talk to him before you use the zip-line and search for the pilot. (4 Total)

o   ‘Shipwreck Beach’ – After the events at Gondola transport, you’ll reach Shipwreck Beach. Before you go searching for the item, talk to Sam, Reyes and Jonah. (3 Each, 9 Total)

o   ‘Shipwreck Beach’ – After you found the item and get back to camp, Whitman will show up and soon after you’ll get a new bow. Talk to Whitman 2 times, Sam 3 times, Jonah 4 times and Reyes 2 times at the beach camp before you make your way to Endurance. Reyes is on the boat. (11 Total)

o   ‘Shipwreck Beach’ – After coming back from the Endurance, talk to Whitman, Reyes and Jonah before you go to Research Base.  Sam is sleeping at this point so it is just the other three.  (3 Each, 9 Total)

  • IMPORTANT: Sometimes the characters will talk among themselves and during this time you cannot talk with them.  If a square does not appear while next to them it is probably because they have some lines before you can chat with them.

Adventurer   Adventurer – Complete a match in all multiplayer modes.  Bronze (20G)

  • This can be completed in Ranked or Casual.  And if joining a game mid-session that will count towards the completion.
  • Complete a match in each of the four multiplayer modes listed below.

o   Rescue

o   Team Deathmatch

o   Cry For Help

o   Free-For-All

Artilleryman   Artilleryman – Kill 20 enemy players in multiplayer using a turret.  Bronze (20G)

  • This trophy is cumulative so you don’t have to get them all in one match.
  • The only two turrets in multiplayers are listed below.

o   Beach – in the center of the map under the gondola.

o   Underground – on top of the submarine.

Down Boy!   Down Boy! – Kill a zip-lining enemy player in multiplayer.  Bronze (10G)

  • Kill a player that is using a zip-line or a rope ascending tool for this trophy.
  • The bullet/arrow must kill the target while they are still touching the rope.  The best way I found was to get a headshot with a powerful bow as someone is using the zip-line.

Entrapment   Entrapment – Catch a player in a snare trap in multiplayer.  Bronze (10G)

  • There are a lot of snare traps in each map.
  • Press square near them to activate the trap.  If an enemy gets caught by one this trophy will be yours.

Escapist   Escapist – Survive 10 explosions in multiplayer.  Bronze (20G)

  • Get blown up ten times by any type of explosive and not die to get this trophy. (Grenade, Explosive Barrels, Mines)
  • Your own explosives count towards this as well.
  • Equipping the Survival Skill ‘Grenadier’ will reduce the damage received by explosions as well.

Good Samaritan   Good Samaritan – Revive a teammate in a multiplayer match.  Bronze (10G)

  • This trophy can only be done in the Rescue game mode on the Survivor’s side.
  • When a teammate goes down you will see a skull above them.  Tap, not hold, circle while near them to revive them.

I'm All That!   I’m All That – Win a ranked match in every multiplayer mode.  Silver (25G)

  • There are four multiplayer modes that must be won in a Ranked lobby for this to count listed below.

o   Rescue

o   Team Deathmatch

o   Cry For Help

o   Free-For-All

  • Tying for the top score in Free-For-All will not count towards this trophy.  You must have the overall top score alone.

Sole Survivor   Sole Survivor – In Multiplayer, be the only player on your team that isn’t dead or downed.  Bronze (15G)

  • You have to be the only one on your team that is currently not dead or downed at the same time.
  • Playing Rescue this will probably come naturally.

Lights Out   Lights Out – Kill 10 multiplayer enemies using your melee attack.  Bronze (15G)

  • Use your climbing axe to deal a melee blow to your enemies with Triangle.
  • Upon playing Rescue on the Solarii side you will be required to finish off enemies with an ‘execute’ attack.  Each one of these finishing executions will count toward this trophy.

Master Blaster   Master Blaster – Kill 2 multiplayer enemies with a single explosive.  Bronze (20G)

  • Any explosive works towards this trophy (Grenade, Explosive Barrels, Mines).
  • Kill two people with one boom and you have it.

Monkey Around   Monkey Around – In multiplayer, escape death 3 times by using the rope ascender.  Bronze (15G)

  • Pressing square while on a zip line will allow you move at a faster rate.
  • When your screen starts to go black and white get to a zip line and press square and escape death.
  • Only Solarii in team games and everyone in Free For All will have access to the rope ascender.
  • This can be done by yourself in a private match on the map Beach on the game mode Free For All. On top of the bunker at the bottom of the map will be a stack of tires with fire inside of them.  All you have to do is stand on the fire until your screen goes grey and your heartbeat goes very loud.  Run off of the fire at this point to the zip-line that sits very close, jump on the zip like, use the rope ascender, rinse and repeat three times for this trophy.

Narcissistic   Narcissistic – Purchase a new multiplayer character.  Bronze (20G)

  • Purchase a new character with salvage earned in multiplayer for this to unlock.
  • All salvage can be earned in private matches.  I preferred the level Beach in the tunnels with the spike traps.  Inside one of the tunnels will lie a lootable crate of salvage.  At the end of this same path will be another crate.

On My Way Up   On My Way Up – Reach level 10 in multiplayer.  Bronze (10G)

  • See ‘True Commitment’ below.

Shopaholic   Shopaholic – Buy every upgrade and character in multiplayer.  Bronze (20G)

  • Collect as much salvage as possible during multiplayer games.
  • About 36,000 salvage is needed for all characters.
  • ‘The General’ is NOT needed to fulfill these requirements.
  • POTENTIAL GLITCH: Purchase all characters not including ‘The General’ and nothing else.  Quit the game and reload.  When the game starts up and loads your trophy data ‘Shopaholic’ should unlock.

True Commitment   True Commitment – Reach level 60 in multiplayer  Silver (30G)

  • About 1.8 Million experience is needed to reach level 60.
  • Once you hit level 60 you must complete the match you are in to acquire the trophy.
  • This is achievable in a Private match by yourself in the game mode Rescue on the Survivor’s side.

o   Create a Private match on Beach.

o   Pick the Survivor’s faction.

o   Set Options to Maximum time and 20 Med-kits required.

o   Start the game.

o   Once inside the game grab the Med-kits and return them to the base for a good amount of experience.

o   Doing this allows you continuously accumulate experience without having to worry about getting killed by an enemy and is the fastest possible way to get experience.

o   Once the round ends quit the game (it’s going to switch you to the other faction that can’t generate points with no one to kill) and start this list over.  All your experience earned will stay with you even when you quit in between games.




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