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The Wolf Among Us Season 1 Review – HTG

The Wolf Among Us Season 1 Review – HTG


Wolf Among Us
The Wolf Among Us is an episodic point and click adventure game developed by TellTale Games, the makers of The Walking Dead series. The Wolf Among Us is based on the comic book series Fables created by Bill Willingham and follows the story of Bigby Wolf as he attempts to clean up Fabletown. Season 1 of the Wolf Among Us is broken up into 5 separate episodes, that have all been released now. So how was Season 1 of The Wolf Among Us?


The Story is the most important part of The Wolf Among Us without a doubt. The characters are interesting and engaging right from the get go. From the second you meet the characters you want to continue following them to see what happens, something that I have not seen lately with too many games with generic or uninteresting stories/characters. Not only did I find the main character a lot of fun to play as but the supporting characters were amazing and really complimented Bigby and the environment and atmosphere. Overall throughout the 5 episodes the story is quite interesting but there are a few moments in the episodes where the story does lose some of its magic and charm and seems to get bogged down. Fortunately though, when that does happen the story picks right back up in the coming moments or in the next episode. Despite the few story hiccups, without spoiling anything, the story does end on a very high note and leaves me wanting season 2 as soon as humanly possible. If you like murder, mystery, action, fantasy worlds, and so much more then you will absolutely love The WolF Among Us and should definitely play it.


Normally audio is not something I look for in a game but I have to admit that the title screen score has been stuck in my head for awhile now. It is very catchy and has a slight air of mystery and intrigue in it, it is the perfect score to have as in a game with the suspense and mystery that the Wolf Among Us has. Outside of the title screen the sound effects and music throughout the rest of the game is good but is nothing to rave about. The real audio genius is the actors/actresses that voice these amazing characters. A few of the actors from The Walking Dead game make appearances and they do just as splendidly as they did there. Every actor conveys the feelings and emotions of the characters that makes the scenes feel believable, this in turn helps me feel the emotions of the scene and keeps me wanting more. All I can hope is that the same voices are used for the inevitable next season.


The Wolf Among Us has that distinctive comic booky look, for lack of a better term. Similar to the Broderlands cartoony graphics, but with a darker palette, the Wolf Among Us graphics reminds you constantly that this is a fictional universe set in a real place. wolfNormally I am not one for this style of graphics as it can pull you out of the world/setting, but for the Wolf Among Us I like being reminded that this is in fact based on a comic book with story book characters. If they had gone the realistic graphics route, TellTale usually doesn’t but bear with me, the game would have lost its soul per say. This is a comic book at heart and the graphics help keep The Wolf Among Us what it was based on, Greatness.


The Wolf Among Us is the classic point and click adventure game. The game will put you in an area and you will have to talk to other characters or interact with the environment to progress and move the story along. Unlike similar games the Wolf Among Us does a good job of showing you where and what you have to do and I had no trouble getting through the game. taxiI actually played through the entire game not getting stuck anywhere at any point, so it’s pretty straight forward and manageable. What makes The Wolf Among Us a little more interesting is that there are fight scenes, that break up the somewhat monotonous pointing and clicking and keep the story from getting boring. As someone who is not into too many point and click adventures, I found this one very enjoyable and rarely if ever found myself bored. The one downside I might give in terms of gameplay is that the choices you have to make occasionally in the earlier chapters feel almost weightless, like they don’t matter either way you choose. This does take a little away from the story in my opinion, I would prefer to make choices that only directly affect the game and have an impact. In the end I believe the game rectifies this issue but in the beginning it can be a little frustrating.

Other Features/Comments

The Wolf Among Us clocks in between 5-7 hours but there were a few scenes that I wanted to replay to see what would change so you can easily put another few hours in if you wanted. At $20 for the entire game I feel that it is more than worth your time and money. With so many games nowadays giving you under 10 hour campaigns but making you pay $50-$60 bucks it is nice to pay a third of that and get an absolutely amazing game that lasts just as long as most bigger titles. If you’re a trophy or achievement hunter like me then you’ll be happy to know that this game is one of the easiest platinums or 1000G scores that you will get all year. It is also worth noting that later this year The Wolf Among Us will be coming to PS4/Xbox One at retailers, so if you either no longer have your PS3 or just didn’t want to buy it digitally, you will get a chance later on this year. There is also a better than likely chance that The Wolf Among Us will also come to Vita at some point, which is great because I only love playing my Vita for about an hour at a time.
Overall The Wolf Among Us is an absolutely fantastic game that I recommend to everyone. The game has a few small hiccups and some very minor lag in some places but they are nowhere near enough for me to want to put the game down. TellTale has once again done a great job and for the price it’s a hard game to ignore. So definitely buy this game, then buy it on next gens and then go buy it on your Vita as well, just play it, you won’t regret it.
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