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HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset Review – HTG

HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset Review – HTG


HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

MSRP: $99.99

Unboxing & Packaging:

The HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset made by Kingston Technology comes in a very slick display box that opens up into a hard-shell box that would protect this hardware in any type of shipping conditions.  A lot of products can be judged by the quality of the packaging and this one does not disappoint.  Inside the hard box contains very tightly packed Styrofoam that is cut into individual compartments for each additional accessory that comes with it.

First Impressions & Appearance:

Upon first looking upon the box it’s very pretty.  Looking at the pictures of the product on the box you can see everything that you are getting from a visual standpoint.  Slick pure black headset with only red lettering for their logo and the head-strap has red stitches.  Under first looks I was worried about where the head-strap connected to the headphones and that is where my headsets always break.  Upon getting inside the box and inspecting the quality those fears were quickly diminished.

Features and Design: Being a larger than average person I was happy to see the amount of adjustment that was allowed in the headset.  With most headsets I use I have a hard time keeping them over my head comfortably because there rarely is enough adjustment allowed.  These ones allowed me to make them as large as they go and they fit very well.  Red on black coloring always works well together and I am very pleased with the color configuration as I have four dogs and anything lighter color collects dust extremely easy.  These remain looking new even surrounded by all the dirtiness of real life.

Smell: I normally wouldn’t include a ‘smell’ review but I have never smelt something so strong from an electronic box.  Everyone loves the smell of new car; maybe it’sBanner 2 the fact it’s new, maybe it’s the actual smell.  Sadly enough upon opening this box it had that ‘new’ smell.  The problem was it wasn’t a pleasant new smell.  It is best described as a cross between new rubber and asphalt being laid.  It was an absolute vile sme
ll that thankfully disappeared less than five minutes later.

Material / Comfort: As stated earlier I was worried about the quality of connection between the head-strap and headphones and upon actually getting to look at the headset closer I found out that the material is much better quality than the typical headset.  This has an aluminum build keeping it strong, a soft leather band to sit upon your head comfortably, and leather closed headphone cups allowing the sounds to stay inside and blocks outside noise really well.  If leather closed ear cups are uncomfortable for you after a long gaming session; included are additional ear cups made from memory foam.  I could wear the memory foam headphones for hours if needed as they are very comfortable and lightweight.

Performance / Audio Quality:

Sleek and pretty has been the general review so far and again fits perfectly into the quality aspect. The playback or sound quality is near perfect.  There is perfect combination of Bass and Treble for music aspects and voices come in crystal clear when used with skype or anything else like that.  The only issue I had was when I went to record voices; the quality itself is good but the sensitivity was extra touchy.  It’s not necessarily a terrible thing but for gaming uses (as this is designed for) the sensitivity could be taken down a notch without jeopardizing quality.

Accessories: This package comes with a variety of cords and wires.  There is an adapter so that way you can plug it into the PS4 if so desired or an airplane for an in-flight movie.  The mic is detachable and with a quick pull it’s gone.  To put it back together it’s as easy as popping it back into place.  As stated earlier there are two sets of interchangeable ear cups; the leather ones that you would find on a typical headset and the very soft memory foam ones.  There are also extension cords that you can use that allows you to reach across the room if that is your desire.

Weight: The product is very lightweight as a whole.  Any long period of time with these on won’t stress your head due to weight.



Pros: All the features it offers in customization with all the different plugs and cords is a great feature.  The lightweight comfort that is offered is a must for any gamer that requires a headset in their digital adventures.  Most importantly the sound quality is near perfect which is a necessity when you need to hear everything that is going on in your game.

Cons: The only feature that was frustrating was the lack of ‘instructions’ included with the device.  It is supposed to be a ‘Plug it in and it works perfectly’, but for anyone that isn’t all that familiar with computers or the setting up of wires when sharing audio with a surround-sound setup it becomes very frustrating.  I myself spent a good few hours playing with my settings trying to get it to cooperate with my surround sound setup that I already had my computer set up to.  I did eventually get it to work but there was a very frustrating setup time for me.

Our Product Review Score:

The HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset is receiving a 4.0 out of a 5.0 thumby rating.  The only thing holding it back from a perfect rating is the lack of user-friendliness if there are any connection issues and the microphone sensitivity.  The microphone sensitivity can be changed within your own computer but if you aren’t the best with the internal computer workings it makes it extremely difficult. Once the setup is complete it could easily get a perfect 5.0.


Final Thoughts: Not to repeat myself to much but this is a very slick and pretty headset that comes with all the bells and whistles one would want from a gaming headset.  The qualities of a great headset should consist of durability, comfort, and convenient.  While absolutely nailing the durability and comfort with a perfect 5.0 the lack of convenience during setup and lack of instructions makes it fall short.  On a final note every purchase of a HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset comes with a two year warranty covering any manufacturing defects for double the amount of time of a typical headset allowing you to make sure you are set for gaming audio for at least two years 😀


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