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Frankenstein’s Army Review – HTG

Frankenstein’s Army Review – HTG



A short while back Dark Sky Films reached out to us and offered us an opportunity to review Richard Raaphorst’s movie Frankenstein’s Army, and although we are not really movie critics we accepted because we like us some horror movies. Frankenstein’s Army is a story about some WW2 Russian soldiers who end up in a secret lab of a crazy scientist who creates monsters, or zombots, out of random body parts of dead soldiers and other items such as a propeller. The further the descend into the lab, the more battles with horrific creatures ensue. Its roots you can tell are based off of the classic tale about Frankenstein, but has a twist with something like a current day Silent Hill or something of that nature.

viktor - the mad sceintistThe cast isn’t packed with a slew of big names, however, the scientist we eventually meet named Viktor is played by  who you might remember from Hell Boy. The lack of big star names doesn’t hold Frankenstein’s Army back from being a horrific work of art. The creatures themselves, are indeed main characters of this flick, and all of them showcase something terrifying yet amazing when it comes to entertaining, realism and scare factor.


frankensteins-army-zombotfrankensteins-army-zombotThe movie starts out with the soldiers stumbling onto a lab entrance they know is bad news. Determined to find out what the zombots are and where they come from they continue to plunge into the depths of the fortress like lab. As you might guess, the further they get the more of the zombots go on display. I don’t want to ruin anything for you, but each zombot is unique and showcases some completely different type of horror. From propeller faces to machete arms pretty much anything goes here. The film takes the “found footage” or “first person” approach which I feel hits it right on the mark, making the viewer almost feel as if he/she was there trudging through the lab too.

Overall this is a highly entertaining movie at the very least. The amount of work that went into the back stories and creation of this zombots is amazing and should not get left off of your “need to watch” list. Honestly had we have not been given the opportunity to watch we might have missed this gem, but thanks to DarkSkyFilms we were not left behind. We recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good scary flick, but be expecting more entertainment then jump factor. All in all you should do your self a favor and rent/buy Frankenstein’s Army tonight!

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As of now this is our only movie review and although we hope to get more, we are not sure what is ahead for us in the movie department. We watch them we know that.. so let us know if this is something you would like us to continue doing. We have talked about maybe focusing on game related movies or something along those lines. We do want to thank DarkSky Films for hooking us up with the Blu-Rays and congrats to Mike on our Facebook page who won the Frankenstein’s Army Blu-Ray courtesy of DarkSky Films and HappyThumbsGaming.

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