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HappyBlog_HeaderImageForApril26Hey there all hope you guys all feel as good as you smell! We here at HappyThumbsGaming wanted to slow things down just a bit and talk past, present and of course the future. First things first.. we want to give big thanks to you guys for all your continued support. You guys have continued to share our page with your friends, purchase our stickers and send in pictures of where you stick them, and of course how it all started, watching our videos.. over 12 million views worth actually!! This all done in just over 2 years!! For us we see this as a huge accomplishment! Speaking of which.. lets talk about accomplishments and what has been going on around here at HTG.

Well first off some of you might have noticed a little bit longer departure from (HTG) Jeremy then normal. Jeremy is an active Naval Flight Officer and is extremely busy learning and flying planes!! Sadly he is so busy that he has opted to step down from HappyThumbsGaming as one of our full time consultants. We would like to thank Jeremy for his amazing idea that has turned into this amazing community of people across the globe. Let’s all keep in mind that HTG would not exist if it wasn’t for Jeremy bringing the idea of trophy/achievement videos.. and even the name “HappyThumbsGaming” to me and motivating both of us to do something amazing that we Ronin Patriot Logoboth loved. Will Jeremy do more videos for HTG?? Well at this point that looks to be a no, but you can get some Jeremy face time on his new personal pages that he will be using when he has time between Naval duties. His new focus, Ronin Patriot, is more geared to streaming his gameplay and interacting with you guys.. you for sure need to check out his new twitch and follow for any streams or updates from Jeremy!  We wish him luck with both his Naval career and his streaming adventures!!!

With Jeremy stepping down, I knew I could not do all of this on my own, and Doug was waiting on the sidelines helping out in any way he could so it only seemed like the proper thing to do to offer Doug the spot that had opened up and he accepted my challenge and we have been grinding ever since. Most don’t even know the story on how we met Doug so I figured this was as good of time as any to tell the short but important moment of HTG History. See, Doug had been writing a Trophy guide for a game we were covering videos for. As you guys know, videos almost always accommodate a text guide for most if not all trophy/achievement descriptions. So when looking for videos Doug stumbled across HTG videos and asked for permission to use them. As the new kids on the block we were happy to have our videos posted ANYWHERE outside of our sources… and so we started working together and quickly realized that Doug was extremely fast when it came to beating games and was filled with great pieces of information to help make our videos even better. The only downside to this was how slow I am putting out videos compared to his guides, which is still the case today. One other little fun fact about Doug most of you probably don’t know is this kid has over 100 Platinum trophies on his PSN account and actually is ranked just over 2600th in the world for trophies and completion rates!!  These numbers change daily due to people earning more trophies but click here and see for yourself that Doug is clearly climbing to the “Elite” of the Trophy Hunters! So we are happy to have him on our team doing great things for us and our viewers as well.

swampI also want to thank another new helper who seems to just fit perfectly and goes by the name of SwampGas. Now why on Earth are we calling him by his gamer tag??… well his name is Brian and that could get confusing really quickly.. so we opted to go with SwampGas and in some cases just Swamp. Swamp’s responsibilities will be focused on web content like game/product reviews and blog posts much like his first post on upcoming MOBA “Heroes of the Storm” . As time goes on we hope to transition him into some videos as well but expect some new content frequently from Swamp. If you are interested in helping us out feel free to message us and let us know. We currently have needs for many things, but these would all be volunteer positions, so let us know if this works for you and what you would like to do. Keep in mind making videos is not all we do, but is an option, but also pretty spendy to get all set up and recording/editing/producing.

Alright that pretty much covers most of the peeps around HTG, now what about HTG? Well we are planning on continuing our videos as well as select game trophy/achievement guides to go with the videos. If you have some games you want to see hit our list, make sure you let us know by commenting or messaging us. We have reached out to a few new companies for more product reviews and even a few games too! So our goals to continue to grow our overall website content are still on track, but we are hitting a funding wall that might slow some of the reviews/interview plans down a bit.. but we have an idea for that as well. Speaking of which, do you want to see us continue to expand our scope of what we cover? or should we stick to just doing Trophy/Achievement videos and guides? As a gamer nerd I want to spread my wings and fly as far as I can, but this doesn’t mean this is what you guys want. So do you guys like seeing product reviews and would you want us to interview game developers and possibly even other gamers? We have lots of ideas of what, who and how we would want to do it, but again, is this something you want??  If we get enough response we will move to what I consider “PHASE 2,” which is currently top-secret..

Our current list for games we plan to cover:
SOON!              – Lego Harry Potter 1-4
SOON!              – Lego Harry Potter 5-7
5-20-2014     –     Wolfenstein The New Order
6-24-2014     –     Sniper Elite V3
6-30-2014     –     Watch Dogs
8-26-2014     –     Dying Light
8-26-2014     –     Evil Within (This is a maybe, we have our eyes on it)
9-09-2014     –     Destiny
9-30-2014     –     Mad Max WAS JUST PUSHED TO 2015  
?-??-2015      –     H-Hour World’s Elite

That pretty much wraps up my update.. let us know what you want to see from us as far as the games we cover, if we should continue to expand our scope and any other ideas or suggestions you guys might have for us!

– (HTG) Brian


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(HTG) Brian Dad, gamer, husband, and sometimes.. a noob.


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