(HTG) Brian shows you all of Cirith Ungol in Middle Earth Free Roam finding Mithril Bricks, Completing Quests, Finding Red Bricks, Characters and Blacksmiths Designs too! Follow along and grab those hard to find bricks in Cirith Ungol. Thanks for tuning in and let us know if this video was helpful in finding the Mithril Bricks, Fetch Quests, Red Bricks, Characters and Blacksmith Designs in the Cirith Ungol area for Lego Lord of the Rings.

Link to our Lego Lord of the Rings playlist:



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  • Hi could u get back to me plz why can i only get 235 mithril bricks when I need 250

    • With 250 bricks, its impossible for me to know what ones you have and don’t have. Have you followed our guide? It documents all 250 of them and they are grabbed by area. I know this doesn’t solve your issue, but hopefully it can provide some guidance!