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Lego Lord of the Rings: Level1/Prologue FREE PLAY – All Collectables – HTG

Lego Lord of the Rings: Level1/Prologue FREE PLAY – All Collectables – HTG


(HTG) Brian walks you through FREE PLAY for Level 1, The Prologue – The Strength of Men Failed, for Lego Lord of the Rings. We grab the 9 remaining Mini kits we missed in our Story Mode Walkthrough, we find the Black Smith Design, all 3 hidden Items for our Treasure Trove and we also reach the stud requirement for True Adventurer status which is 40,000 studs. Below we have also included a text step by step for easy following. Hopefully this helps you for Level 1 FREE PLAY Thanks for tuning in and let us know if you want more walkthrough videos for Lego Lord of the Rings.


Completed story mode (all levels recommended)
Berserker (200k and is at Helms Deep ) or Mithril fireworks
Mithril Boxing Gloves (Found in Osgiliath) or Shagrot or any other Uruk-Hai (25k in Helms Deep)

Mini Kit 1: Sam to dig up mini kit right in opening scene

Mini Kit 2: Right after you dig up mini kit #1, use Legolas to shoot the 3 targets off in the background

Treasure 1: Use Berzerker and his bombs to destroy the silver object during battle with Sauron and collect the Elven Sword

After the battle destroy the crack with Gimli and enter the secret sauna room

Treasure 2: Once in the secret room use the Mithril Boxing Gloves (any character) or Shagrot/Uruk-Hai to pull orange handle and collect the Shimmering Armor

Blacksmith: Smash the wooden wall next to the orange handle and walk into the small cubby hole to find the design and a few blues and a purple stud

Mini Kit 3: Use elven rope to climb up and switch to a big and toss Gimli at the crack, then switch to Gollum and climb up the wall and finally switch to Aragorn and destroy the Morgul brick and it falls and allows flow of lava and a mini kit appears in below hot tub** MAKE SURE TO DESTROY SAURON STATUE BEFORE LEAVING SAUNA AREA***

Treasure 3: Back up top outside the sauna area, use Sam to dig up Magma Armor

Mini Kit 4: 5 Sauron Statues – 1 in sauna,2 just after flame vents, 3 on right side before you push boulder to make path over the lava and continue up Mount Doom, 4 on left side of game to get inside of volcano, 5 on right side of volcano hall

Mini Kit 5: Use Gimli and Legolas take out objects to block flame vents which puke out some pieces, put together mini kit from remains

Mini Kit 6: Use Sam and his elven rope to pull out platform to find a mini kit

Mini Kit 7: Use Frodo’s light to enter cave after you climb across the ledge and take out the charging baddies

Mini Kit 8: Elendil or Aragorn smash glowing bricks after you push block down to create bridge over lava

Mini Kit 9: Use Berserker or Mithril fireworks to destroy silver cage at the final doorway to the top of Mount Doom

Mini Kit10: Legolas needs to hit target right above you in final room of mount doom before you walk to the end of the pathway and trigger final cut scene

Link to our Lego Lord of the Rings playlist:



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