(HTG) Brian continues our LEGO Dimensions FREE PLAY videos with Painting the Town Black FREE PLAY level. The Painting the Town Black level, which has elements of Lord of the Rings, DC Comics and more also contains 10 minikits and 1 minifig in peril which we grab! We are revisiting levels in FREE PLAY this time to get all 140+! Some of these require extra LEVEL/TEAM/FUN packs, and in some cases you can use the Rent-A-Hero feature, but in some cases you need the actual Toy Tag with the character/vehicle to get the minikit or minifig in peril. We have noted all required characters or items next to the quick links below for Painting the Town Black FREE PLAY level. Be sure to use the “quick links” provided below to quickly get you to the collectibles in need!

Lego Dimensions Painting the Town Black level Quick Links:
* = Character or requirements to get minikit

Minikit 1: 02:36 *Vehicle
Minikit 2: 03:08 *Magic/Blue Brick Repair
Minikit 3: 04:48 *Magic/Shift Keystone Teriminal
Minikit 4: 06:39 *Heat-Ray
Minifig in Peril: 06:56 (Lois Lane) *Sonar Glass Shatter
Minikit 5: 09:08 *Batarang
Minikit 6: 10:22 *Unikitty
Minikit 7: 11:56 *Aquaman
Minikit 8: 11:16 *Swimming
Minikit 9: 13:35 *Chi
Minikit 10: 14:43 *Swimming/Silver Brick

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