(HTG) Brian continues our Lego Marvel Avengers STORY videos with the Season Pass DLC Ant-Man Pack! Lego Ant-Man and his buddy Luis are part of the Lego Marvel Avengers Season Pass DLC where we get a chance to check out an extra level introducing Ant-Man and the Ant-Man movie. Although it is not exact, we had a blast reliving the Ant-Man movie in Lego form! We showcase the cutscenes and how to beat each of the STORY levels. You can expect us to return for Lego Marvel Avengers FREE PLAY too where we get all of the Minikits, Gold Bricks, Red Bricks and of course Stan Lee in Perils. Follow along as we work our way to 100% completion of Lego Marvel Avengers. If you have any questions regarding Lego Avengers or any other game, please leave us a comment and we will do what we can to help out! Thanks for watching our Lego Marvel Avengers videos! #BooYaKaShouw

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