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Lego The Hobbit: Middle-earth Free Roam – Bywater & Barrow Downs – HTG

Lego The Hobbit: Middle-earth Free Roam – Bywater & Barrow Downs – HTG


(HTG) Brian is here to guide you through Bywater and Barrow-downs FREE ROAM also known as Bywater and Barrow-downs Middle-earth and chase down all of the quests and Mithril bricks scattered all over in Lego The Hobbit. We will knock out each collectible by area and work our way to the 100% trophy/achievement “To Be Continued…”. Each area in Lego The Hobbit’s Middle-earth has a handful of quests and hidden mithril bricks. We have already knocked out all of the Blacksmith Design Schematics and are now working on the bricks to forge all the Mithril items. Lego The Hobbit takes us on a journey across Middle Earth to stop Smaug The Dragon. As always we will cover both STORY and FREE PLAY modes and cover all minikits and collectibles that are along the way. If you are looking for Minikits, Blacksmith Designs or Treasure Items be sure to check out our other Lego The Hobbit FREE PLAY videos. We of course will be doing a Red Brick Stud Multiplier video and possibly some Mithril Brick locations depending on if they are labeled on the map or not. Thanks for choosing HappyThumbsGaming for your Lego The Hobbit needs and be sure to suggest or request anything that comes to mind that we didn’t cover!

Quick links to the Bywater & Barrow-downs Middle-earth FREE ROAM Collectibles:
Mithril Brick 01: 00:43
Mithril Brick 02: 02:27
Red Brick 1 (Character Studs): 03:48
Red Brick 2 (Always Loot Saphires): 04:48
Mithril Brick 03: 05:32
Tilda: 06:28
Bain: 07:17
Bofur (Lake Town Edition): 08:15
Mithril Brick 04: 09:14
Mithril Brick 05: 11:12
Mithril Brick 06: 13:39
Mithril Brick 07: 14:31
Tom (Troll): 15:57
Mithril Brick 08: 16:29
Mithril Brick 09: 18:15
Barrow-wight: 19:16
Mithril Brick 10: 20:04
Tom Bambadil: 21:29
Mithril Brick 11: 22:51
Mithril Brick 12: 23:32

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