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Lego The Hobbit: Middle-earth Free Roam – Blacksmith Design Locations (Middle-earth) – HTG

Lego The Hobbit: Middle-earth Free Roam – Blacksmith Design Locations (Middle-earth) – HTG


(HTG) Brian is here to guide you through FREE ROAM also known as Middle-earth and guide you to all 16 of the remaining Blacksmith Designs and unlock the “Labouring in the villages on men” Trophy/Achievement for Lego The Hobbit. There is 1 Blacksmith Design Schematic in each of the 16 STORY/FREE PLAY levels (which we have videos for too), and then another 16 Blacksmith Designs are scattered all over Middle-earth. Below is a list of each blacksmith design including the time in the video it is, as well as the name of the schematic to help you find what ones you need and quickly.The Blacksmith Design schematics allow you to build the needed Mithril items at the blacksmith in Bree. Follow along as we grab all 16 blacksmith designs and unlock the “Labouring in the Villages on Men” trophy/achievement too! Lego The Hobbit takes us on a journey across Middle Earth to stop Smaug The Dragon. As always we will cover both STORY and FREE PLAY modes and cover all minikits and collectibles that are along the way. If you are looking for Minikits, Blacksmith Designs or Treasure Items be sure to check out our other Lego The Hobbit FREE PLAY videos. We of course will be doing a Red Brick Stud Multiplier video and possibly some Mithril Brick locations depending on if they are labeled on the map or not. Thanks for choosing HappyThumbsGaming for your Lego The Hobbit needs and be sure to suggest or request anything that comes to mind that we didn’t cover!

Quick links:
Blacksmith Design 01 (Mithril Falcon): 00:28
Blacksmith Design 02 (Mithril Snowapult): 01:58
Blacksmith Design 03 (Mithril Bandit Gloves): 04:41
Blacksmith Design 04 (Mithril Construction Hat): 06:54
Blacksmith Design 05 (Mithril Candle Staff): 10:00
Blacksmith Design 06 (Mithril Catchphrase): 13:03
Blacksmith Design 07 (Mithril Horse shoes): 14:37
Blacksmith Design 08 (Mithril Dance Boots): 16:47
Blacksmith Design 09 (Mithril Rhythm Stick): 18:49
Blacksmith Design 10 (Mithril Skull Cap): 19:51
Blacksmith Design 11 (Mithril Beanstalk): 22:13
Blacksmith Design 12 (Mithril Slippers): 22:53
Blacksmith Design 13 (Mithril Shadow Blade): 24:28
Blacksmith Design 14 (Mithril Mushroom Crown): 27:42
Blacksmith Design 15 (Mithril Megapult): 28:55
Blacksmith Design 16 (Mithril Stud Spade): 30:48

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