(HTG) Brian walks you through Level 3, The Black Pearl Attacks, FREE PLAY for Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. We grab 10 of the 10 Minikits, and grab all 8 Compass Items as well which completes our Level 3 the black pearl attacks Walkthrough video. By the end of this Lego Pirates video, you will have all 10 mini kits/ships in a bottle and have found all 8 Compass Items for Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Hopefully this helps you find all 10 mini kits for Level 3, The Black Pearl Attacks FREE PLAY. Thank you for choosing HappyThumbsGaming for your Lego Pirates needs, feel free to leave requests or suggestion on our social pages found below.

Link to artist who created our HTG Lego figures:

Timeline Quick Links for Collectibles:
Minikit 1: 01:31
Minikit 2: 02:19
Minikit 3: 04:34
Minikit 4: 04:58
Minikit 5: 07:51
Minikit 6: 04:01 04:09 04:22 05:05 09:37
Minikit 7: 11:29
Minikit 8: 13:32
Minikit 9: 13:39
Minikit 10: 14:38

Compass Item 1: 01:47
Compass Item 2: 02:44
Compass Item 3: 05:19
Compass Item 4: 07:37
Compass Item 5: 10:52
Compass Item 6: 11:11
Compass Item 7: 11:56
Compass Item 8: 13:24

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