(HTG) Brian walks you through Level 11, Singapore for Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. We focus on beating the level in our Story mode walkthroughs for Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, and we save the Minikits/Ships in a bottle and compass points/items for our Lego Pirates of the Caribbean FREE PLAY videos. Our Lego Pirates of the Caribbean FREE PLAY videos will have time line quick links for each of the collectibles along the way too. Lego Pirates was our first viewer requested series and we are happy to finally share it with you guys. Later in this series we show you where all the Red Hats are including the Minikits finder and Stud Multipiers to obtain the TRUE PIRATE status on all levels. Follow along with (HTG) Brian as we complete Lego Pirates of the Caribbean to 100% completion and grab all the Trophy/Achievements along the way. If you have any Lego Pirate questions, please leave them down below or head over to our HTG Facebook page.

Link to artist who created our HTG Lego figures:

Our Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Playlist:



Lego Pirates Trophy/Achievements in this video:
no trophy/achievements in this Lego Pirates of the Caribbean video

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