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Lego City Undercover: Crescent Park FREE ROAM (All Collectibles) – HTG


Crescent Park FREE ROAM Collectible Locations for Lego City Undercover. Now that Lego City Undercover is out for Playstation 4 and Xbox One and we got the STORY AND FREE PLAY beat, we are ready to continue on with our FREE ROAM clean up. Crescent Park FREE ROAM offers a handful of collectibles and we show you where they all are in this video. Lego City Undercover offers 15 STORY LEVELs, 15 Special Assignments that offer Police Crests which are broke down into 4 per assignment. We are now returning to the open world or FREE ROAM for the collectibles including Aliens Caught, ATMs Smashed, BBQs Extinguished, Cats Rescued, Character Tokens, Coffee Breaks, Disguise Booths, District Conquered, Drill Thrill, Ferry Routes, Flowers Watered, FREE RUNs, Gang Arrested, Pigs Returned, Red Bricks, Silver Statues, Super Builds, Time Trials, Train Stations, Vehicle Robberies and more! Follow along as we run around Lego City Crescent Park FREE ROAM in search for all 100+ unlockable vehicles, 300+ unlockable character tokens and of course we got lots of RED BRICKS too! As per usual, we finished the STORY first, we prepared for and took on FREE PLAY, now we are finishing with FREE ROAM and Trophy/Achievement clean up. This video showcases Crescent Park FREE ROAM collectibles. If you have any questions or requests regarding Lego City Undercover, please let us know and we will do our best to help out!

Lego City Underground Crescent Park FREE ROAM All Collectibles Locations Quick Links:

Character Token 1 (Paramedic): 01:50
Character Token 2 (Otto Hornfels): 03:06
RED BRICK Super Ram: 04:34
Vehicle Token 1 (Nipper): 04:49
Character Token 3 (Nurse): 05:05
Coffee Break 1 / Gold Brick 1: 06:09
Character Token 4 (Chef): 06:54
ATMs Smashed 1 / Gold Brick 2: 07:24
Disguise Booth 1 / Character Token 5 (Waitress) / Gold Brick 3: 07:48
Character Token 6 (Sailor): 08:06
Flowers Watered 1 / Gold Brick 4: 09:16
Gangs Arrested 1 / Gold Brick 5: 09:47
Drill Thrill 1 / Gold Brick 6: 12:17
District Conquered 1 / Gold Brick 7: 14:14
Character Token 7 (Patty Hayes): 14:57
Vehicle Robbery 1 / Vehicle Token 2 (T.R.E.V.) / Gold Brick 8: 15:13
Character Token 8 (Zookeeper): 19:42 20:04 20:35 21:12
Unlock FREE RUN: 21:39
FREE RUN / Character Token 9 (Skater) / Gold Brick 9: 21:57
BBQs Extinguished 1 / Gold Brick 10: 22:43
Character Token 10 (Musketeer): 23:04
Boulder Destroyed 1 / Gold Brick 11: 23:56
Pi Returned 1 / Gold Brick 12: 24:15
Character Token 11 (Fisherman): 26:04
Character Token 12 (Lifeguard): 27:14
Train Station Activated 1 / Gold Brick 13: 27:39
Character Token 13 (Maximilian Jarvik): 28:11
Silver Statue Destroyed 1 / Gold Brick 14: 28:34
Character Token 13 (Carlo Cone): 28:53
Cat Rescued 1 / Gold Brick 15: 29:44
Alien Captured / Gold Brick 16: 30:14

Special thanks to WB for hooking us up with a copy of Lego City Undercover for PS4!! #WBPromotion

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