LEGO Dimensions Mission Impossible LEVEL Pack #71248 comes with 1 amazing Mission… if you choose to accept it! Try and save your credibility as Lego Ethan Hunt and try and expose the mole! Follow along as we showcase the cutscenes and gameplay for the Mission Impossible Level Pack #71248. Lego Dimensions Mission Impossible is a 76 LEGO piece set and includes 1 Minifigure (Ethan Hunt), IMF Scrambler (ShockCycle and The IMF Cover Jet) as well as The IMF Sport Car (IMF Tank and The IMF-Splorer). The Lego Dimensions Mission Impossible LEVEL Pack sells for $29.99 at most retailers but has been rumored to be on sale around launch time. If you enjoy Lego Dimensions videos, and would like to see more LEGO Dimensions gameplay or Unboxing/SpeedBuilds, please let us know below in the comments and be sure to click the LIKE button to help us know you want more Lego Dimensions videos! Thanks for watching!! #BooYaKaShouw


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