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Guncraft makes it to Xbox 360 on July 14th – HTG

Guncraft makes it to Xbox 360 on July 14th – HTG


GuncraftBL_Screenshot (1)Whenever a new console is released, the ridiculously long lines and hyper inflated prices usually aren’t enough to scare away hardcore gamers and die-hard fans. What happens to the late adopters? Anybody out there still sticking with the 360 only? It might not be as crazy of a thought…new systems are continually working out kinks and bugs daily, while the older generation systems have reached a further stage in engineering and development. On July 14th, those who haven’t pawned their 360’s will be able to enjoy the release of Guncraft: Blocked and Loaded. Integrating features from the popular PC version into the world of Xbox Live will be a fun experience for old and new fans alike. Some of the screen grabs and videos highlight the entertainment value offered by the game.

A cool leveling up system features 550 levels (50 levels per ReCraft rank – one base, 10 ReCrafted ranks) and customizable characters (over 4 billion possible combinations – yes – billion with a B!!!) lead me to believe this game will be one that players can play for not just a few days, but quite a while. The gameplay looks pretty darn impressive as well. It incorporates the FPS characteristics of a Call of Duty type game with the look of a Super Mario 64 type game.

GuncraftBL_Screenshot (5)

Another feature that has me excited is the two-player splitscreen local multiplayer. Brings back memories of my OG Xbox and playing Slayer on the original Halo (screenwatcher!). This game certainly provides a lot of nostalgia for those looking for a simple yet addictive game. Plenty of hours will be spent on this game and no two people will have the same character, so put a note on your phone or computer for July 14th and make sure you grab this game. Check out a couple links below for additional screenshots and videos to help pass the time between now and then.

Xbox Live Guncraft screenshots:

GuncraftBL_Screenshot (3)

GuncraftBL_Screenshot (7)

Click here for the Guncraft Blocked and Loaded XBLA Edition Trailer

That wraps up our Guncraft on Xbox 360 press release coming to XBLA on July 14th 2015. If you have any questions or comments about this, another game, or anything in general, feel free to ask them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, or in the comments below and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. While you’re on the above pages be sure to like us, follow us, and subscribe to us to stay up to date on the latest news and information that we have for you guys. Also be sure to follow us on Twitch so you will know when we livestream and on Instagram so you can see all our awesome pictures. We hope you find this guide useful and are enjoying the game!!!



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