Home Games PAX Prime 2013: REKOIL First Look – HTG
PAX Prime 2013: REKOIL First Look – HTG

PAX Prime 2013: REKOIL First Look – HTG


(HTG) Brian talks about a new game called REKOIL developed by Plastic Piranha coming soon exclusively to Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) and Steam. REKOIL was created to be a balanced FPS that supports community driven mods. It comes out the box with 40 weapons, 10 maps and 7 game modes. No leveling up or waiting for that special gun. Follow along as we talk about our PAX Prime 2013 experience with REKOIL coming to XBLA and Steam. HappyThumbsGaming will for sure be covering the new REKOIL when it drops later this year! We hope to have some Achievement videos up for it too!

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First look at REKOIL – HTG


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REKOIL is scheduled for release late 2013

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