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Resident Evil 6: Down, Not Out Trophy/Achievement – HTG

Resident Evil 6: Down, Not Out Trophy/Achievement – HTG


(HTG) Brian shows you how to earn the “Down, Not Out” trophy/achievement for Resident Evil 6. This can be done in a variety of places, however we found that the Bridge area when Piers is alone on the sniper mission to blow up the tanker truck is a great spot which is Chris Campaign Chapter 2, . Down, Not Out requires you to kill an enemy while downed and recover on your own. This actually can be a pain in the ass due to your partner always healing you. You can play with a friend and make sure they dont pick you up, you can equip a Skill called “Lone Wolf” that will prevent the AI partner from picking you up, but we feel this is a bad thing in the long run so we found a 3rd solution. When Piers is alone Chris cannot pick him up and as you will see in the video the bridge is a great spot to handle this so you can earn that Down, Not Out trophy/achievement. Follow along and see if this is a solution for you or if one of the others best suits you to earn the Down Not Out trophy/achievement for Resident Evil 6.

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