Home FREE PLAY Lego The Incredibles: House Parr-ty FREE PLAY (All 10 Minikits) – HTG
Lego The Incredibles: House Parr-ty FREE PLAY (All 10 Minikits) – HTG

Lego The Incredibles: House Parr-ty FREE PLAY (All 10 Minikits) – HTG


Lego The Incredibles House Parr-ty FREE PLAY. All House Parr-ty Minikits can be found in this Lego The Incredibles guide! We have finally reached FREE PLAY for Lego The Incredibles! Now that we have all needed Character Abilities and RED BRICKS from STORY and FREE ROAM, we can easily take on FREE PLAY levels for Lego The Incredibles. Each Lego The Incredibles FREE PLAY levels has 10 Minikits and a True Super Stud Requirement that will unlock other things like Mystery Character Token Bags AND Vehicle Builds! Follow along as we take on House Parr-ty FREE PLAY and grab all 10 Minikits and thanks to our 960x Stud Multiplier from our RED BRICKS the TRUE SUPERs will be “Super Easy” for each level. We do have ⬇️ Quick Links below! ⬇️ for easy collectible navigating.

Lego The Incredibles showcases both the new Incredibles 2 Movie, as well as the original Incredibles movie too! This video covers House Parr-ty FREE PLAY and we unlock all 10 Minikits for the House Parr-ty FREE PLAY level. Follow along as we knock out all 12 FREE PLAY levels of Lego The Incredibles and get closer to that 100%! If you have any Lego The Incredibles questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. As always thanks for watching our Lego The Incredibles videos!

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Our Collectible Quick Links for House Parr-ty FREE PLAY:
Minikit 1: 01:03
Minikit 2: 01:22
Minikit 3: 02:21
Minikit 4: 03:24
Minikit 5: 06:14
Minikit 6: 06:33
Minikit 7: 07:24
Minikit 8: 07:55
Minikit 9: 08:15
Minikit 10: 08:34

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