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The Final Station Review (PC Version) – HTG

The Final Station Review (PC Version) – HTG



The Final Station is a game developed by Do My Best Games and Published by tinyBuild Games is a post-apocalyptic survival game that takes place on a train! It is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One making it easy and fun for all to pick up and play! We reviewed the PC version and will be discussing our experience with that.


The Final Station story starts off in an almost dream like state. After you do some exploring of your area and a few nearby rooms you soon discover that you are surrounded by undead. You move room to room, fighting any which way you can before dying and waking up out of your dream. This is a frantic experience as you’re not really sure if it was a dream or foreshadowing, guess you’ll have to keep playing to find out!


Overall all the graphics do very well with no real issues to speak of. A mix of old school Super Mario and Minecraft, is executed without issue and at points in time adds to the suspense of it all in this side scrolling adventure! No framerate issues and overall just a very smooth and well done game.


The music in the game is used to set the mood for the individual levels and Acts. They developers didn’t make it the main focus however and is more in the background and just filler and something to draw you into the game more. The Final Station instead focuses on the more physical sounds of the game. Every gunshot rings out and the door creak adds to the intensity of finding out what is behind it.


The first few trips on the train you are learning on how to survive and make it to the next stop or city. This requires doing a couple things. You have to keep your passengers happy, which means giving them food or med kits if their health drops too low. Also you have to manage the power of the train itself to prevent it from over-heating in a way. To do this you are required to find different switches to pull or play with to get everything at a green check mark. Luckily you only have to find 1 switch per train ride and just keep it around the normal level until you reach your destination.

From there the game moves on to showing you how to fight the undead that you will face in increasing numbers the farther you progress. This is done a few ways. You have weapons, punching, or objects to throw. You start off with just the basic pistol but to unlock the shotgun at a later time. Only down side is the only way to get ammo is 1 of 3 ways, buy it, make it, or find it. Buying supplies only takes place at the end of each Act, so stock up with as much as the store will let you. This makes searching everything you come across the most likely way of getting it and will also allow you to find the necessary crafting pieces, so search everything! With ammo always being an issue, punching and using objects becomes essential. Once you pick up and throw and object it is destroyed so learn to choose which undead to use it on, some are easier than other. Punching will be your best friend, punch early and punch often to save yourself on ammo, every bullet counts!

You may be wondering; how do I buy all this stuff that I need? The answer is simple, the more people you search for and keep alive to your final destination, the more money you will make. Each person is worth a different amount of money and some aren’t worth keeping alive for all the food and health you have to give them to keep them alive. So do you choose to keep them alive or to save the health for others or yourself?

8The worst part about all the things above is that there is very little to no tutorial to explain how any of that works. The train is explained but how to keep people alive and find those items needed was not, so it turned into a “I hope I eventually can find more or buy more of these somewhere” types of things. Eventually it all works out and it isn’t too hard to catch on but it would be nice for future titles from developer Do My Best to include a tutorial.

The story itself adds a new layer and objective for every Act you complete as you go deeper and deeper into the undead territory trying to get to the bottom of what is causing it to happen. The farther you go, the more undead you run into so be prepared to use every bullet, punch, and object you can to keep surviving and make it to the next station.


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Conclusion and Rating

Overall I enjoyed The Final Station a lot and I thought it played very well. There aren’t many side scroller games that I play so it was a nice change of pace and a challenge for me. The story was well done and entertaining. There were points when it did become repetitive but not often enough to drive me away from playing again. I give The Final Station a strong 4/5 for the above reasons. For being the very first game for developer Do My Best, they surpassed my expectations and I look forward to future games that they develop as I believe they will only get better and improved!


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