Home Games Lego Dimensions: All 12 Doctors & how to unlock/reincarnate them – HTG
Lego Dimensions: All 12 Doctors & how to unlock/reincarnate them – HTG

Lego Dimensions: All 12 Doctors & how to unlock/reincarnate them – HTG


(HTG) Brian shows you how to unlock all 12 Doctors from Doctor Who for Lego Dimensions!! The process to unlock all 12 versions of Doctor Who’s Doctor is fairly easy if you know what to do. Simply place your 12th Doctor Toy Tag and The Lego Tardis Toy Tag on the Toy Pad. Enter the Lego Tardis in game and enter the far left circle at the control panel of the Tardis. This shows you which Doctors you have unlocked and also has a Cycle Regeneration button. If you click the Cycle Regeneration button it should allow the next Doctor in line respawn when you die. So to start you will be the 12th Doctor. Click the regeneration button and then die. You should respawn as the 1st Doctor from Doctor Who. Make sure you enter the lego tardis and check your character list to see if you unlocked the new Doctor or not. Once you have verified the new Doctor has been added, you can repeat the process till you have unlocked all 12 Doctors from Doctor Who! Which Doctor is your favorite? If you would like to see a particular Doctor in some gameplay or even a specific level or area, please let us know!

The Lego Dimensions Dr Who Level Pack is a 83 LEGO piece set and includes 1 Minifigure (Twelfth Doctor), Tardis (Laser Tardis and The Energy Burst Tardis) and The K-9 (K-9 Ruff Rover and K-9 Laser Cutter) and the extra Dr Who Level experience traveling through time. The Lego Dimensions Dr Who Level Pack sells for $29.99 at most retailers. If you enjoy Lego Dimensions videos, and would like to see more LEGO Dimensions gameplay or Unboxing/SpeedBuilds, please let us know below in the comments and be sure to click the LIKE button to help us know you want more Lego Dimensions videos! Thanks for watching!! #BooYaKaShouw

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