“Official Master Builder Trophy/Achievement” (Silver/40G) – Complete 15 hub world renovations
Location: All 3 HUB Worlds (DC Comic Hub World, Lego Movie Hub World and Lord of the Rings Hub World)

(HTG) Brian shows you how to unlock the Official Master Builder Trophy/Achievement. The Official Master Builder Trophy/Achievement requires you to Complete 15 hub world renovations to unlock the Official Master Builder Trophy/Achievement. Follow along with Brian to complete the Hub Renovations and unlock the Official Master Builder Trophy/Achievement. We even find an easter egg or 2.. or so we think. Watch the Official Master Builder Trophy/Achievement video and you be the judge!

Official Master Builder Quick Links:
Lord of the Rings Hub World
1 – Jukebox Renovation/25k studs: 01:20
2 – Water Mill Renovation/40k studs: 02:03
3 – Crop Field Renovation/35k studs: 02:54
4 – Council Chamber Renovation/55k studs: 03:53
5 – Barad-dur Renovation/100k studs: 04:37
6 – Forge Renovation/45k studs: 05:23
7 – Argonath Statue Renovation/60k studs: 06:52
8 – Courtyard Renovation/50k studs: 07:29
Lego Movie Hub World
9 – Billboards Renovation/25k studs: 08:34
10 – Rainbow Renovation/10k studs: 09:00
11 – Jukebox Renovation/25k studs: 09:41
12 – Saloon Renovation/25k studs: 10:25
13 – Octan Tower Renovation/25k studs: 11:29
DC Comic Hub World
14 – Penguin Hideout Renovation/20k studs: 13:13
15 – Super Man Statue Renovation/5k studs: 14:15
16 – Arctic World Renovation/90k studs: 14:32
17 – Wayne Manner Party Renovation/60k studs: 15:12
18 – Bat Signal Renovation/90k studs: 16:01
19 – Jukebox Renovation/25k studs: 16:59
20 – Daily Planet Renovation/90k studs: 18:09
21 – Atlantis Renovation/90k studs 19:01
22 – School of Fish Renovation/5k studs: 19:36

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