(HTG) Brian continues our LEGO Dimensions STORY videos with the Back to the Future Level pack which extends our LEGO Back to the Future Lego Dimensions experience!! For completing The Back to the Future Level of Lego Dimensions, we unlock the That was heavy Trophy/Achievement. We find ourselves re-enacting tons of scenes from the first Back to the Future movie. Follow along as we try and time travel through the different eras of Lego Hill Valley while controlling Lego Marty McFly. This STORY video is one of many planned for this game, we also have plans for FREE PLAY (Minikits/Collectibles) and some FREE ROAM videos too! We will also introduce a new style called MIX PLAY where we will use all sorts of characters to create never before seen alliances and gameplay! The Lego Dimensions Back to the Future Level Pack is a 94 LEGO piece set and includes 1 Minifigure (Marty McFly), The Hoverboard and the Delorean Time Machine and the extra Back to the Future Level experience. The Lego Dimensions Back to the Future Level Pack sells for $24.99 at most retailers. If you enjoy Lego Dimensions videos, and would like to see more LEGO Dimensions gameplay or Unboxing/SpeedBuilds, please let us know below in the comments and be sure to click the LIKE button to help us know you want more Lego Dimensions videos! Thanks for watching!! #BooYaKaShouw


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