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Game of Thrones: Episode 1 Iron from Ice Review- HTG

Game of Thrones: Episode 1 Iron from Ice Review- HTG


Game of Thrones is the newest episodic game series released by Telltale games. As per usual, the episodes are being released two to three months apart, but this time there’s a sixth episode and we’re partaking in the wonderful world of Game of Thrones. The events of the game take place right after the end of the show’s third season and will continue to right before the start of season five.


As someone with no knowledge of the Game of Thrones universe whatsoever, this game kept me quite intrigued. I was forced to make quick, tough decisions and was thrown into a world of chaos with multiple characters (there are three in this episode). It felt as if I were watching the actual show, bouncing from one character to the next as decisions are made in real time and the characters are forced to cope with what this treacherous world has brought them. Nonetheless, I have no knowledge of the Game of Thrones universe. As said previously, this game takes place right after the events of season three of the TV show. To be frank, I felt very little was done to help those who haven’t watched the show. I often felt myself lost with some of the characters, recognizing their face, but not knowing anything about them. This caused me to feel a certain disconnect at points, like I should know who that character is and what their significance is, but didn’t. Thus, those who have not watched the show will probably feel a bit lost at time and feel a bit left out of what is actually happening. However, if you have watched the show and know exactly what is happening, you’ll fit right in. Best part is, Telltale is working in collaboration with HBO, to ensure the story of the game fits in with the story of the show.


The characters and scenic design were, for the most part, wonderful. The scenes were beautiful and the characters were detailed. The characters from the TV show looked identical to their game counterparts. Fans would be pleased by the beauty of this game. However, at certain points, the background was blurry. It looked more like a painting than graphics for a game. Seeing as it only happens occasionally, I’m pretty sure it’s a flaw in the game itself. Sometimes it’s barely noticeable, but other times it drove me insane and it was all I could focus on. It made me feel like there were two art styles in the game, something I’m not much a fan of.


The music was beautiful, though I am unsure if it’s the tracks used in the Game-of-Thrones-Tyrion-Lanister-664x374show or not. The original characters were portrayed well, exhibiting their emotions as necessary. The characters from the show were portrayed by their actors, making the game feel even more real and authentic. Not to mention, it’s a nice tip of the hat to the fans. I mean, you wouldn’t want Tyrion Lannister voiced by anyone else besides Peter Dinklage would you? That would be a slap to the face for all the fans who wanted authenticity. But Telltale does a good job. The music and voices feel right, delving the player farther into the experience and exhibiting more of the awesome movie feel Telltale pulls off so well.


This episode is much longer than the standard set by The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead. It’ll take somewhere between two and two and half hours to complete. The rest of the gameplay is what you’d expect from a Telltale game though (not that that’s a bad thing. I personally enjoy the point and click style). You can click on people, talk to them, explore the area, touch things. You get to be the explorer and it allows the game to be much more interactive, allowing you to experience the game and world how you would if you were actually a part of it.

The quick time events are also back. They’re quite simple and allow you ample time to figure out what direction you’re supposed to push the analog stick or what button you’re supposed to press. You should only die if you’re just plainly not paying attention. There are not very many of these this time around though, not in comparison to Tales From the Borderlands at least. In the entire seven chapters of the first episode, they were only used twice for a rather minimal amount of time.

Other Comments

Game of Thrones is infamously known for its violence and the game spares no exception. Scenes may be graphic for some players. Game of Thrones does also have a Platinum Trophy to obtain so no worry there. As a bonus all you have to do is play through the story to obtain them all, piece of cake. As mentioned before this game does have 6 chapters, outside of the Telltale norm of 5, meaning the season pass will be slightly more expensive, $24.99 or $4.99 per episode. The season pass is still an amazing deal though as you are getting 12+ hours of gameplay with an amazing story for only $24.99, definitely worth the money.


4_smallThough I did have some complaints, overall, I really enjoyed this game and made me want to watch the show to get further involved with the universe. It’s addicting and I believe Telltale can have another masterpiece on their hands. If you have any questions or comments about this review, the game in general, or anything in general, feel free to ask them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, or in the comments below and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. While you’re on the above pages be sure to like us, follow us, and subscribe to us to stay up to date on the latest news and information that we have for you guys. Also be sure to follow us on Twitch so you will know when we livestream and on Instagram so you can see all our awesome pictures. We hope you find this review useful and are enjoying the game!!!


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