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Kontrol Freek and Sticker Contest – HTG

Kontrol Freek and Sticker Contest – HTG




What’s up everybody!!! It has been a little while since we have done a contest so how about we ring in the new year with a little contest to give away a pair of FPS Freek Sniprs from Kontrol Freek and a Thumby Sticker. Even better is that two runner ups will also each win a sticker, so all together we have three stickers and a set of Kontrol Freeks to give away, seems like a good deal to me! All you have to do to be entered is watch our December Gamebreak that Jeremy did and find the hidden annotation that we not so hiddenly placed within the video found here. Yes I did just make up the word hiddenly. Once you find it send it in the message box below and you’re entered, it is that simple. We will run the contest until 12:01 a.m. PST January 1st, 2014, so be sure to get your submissions in before then. Good luck to everyone and have a Happy New Year!!!

In the boxes/lines below please answer as follows to be entered into the contest:

Name = Your Name
Email Address = Your email address, so we can contact you if you win, and only if you win. We will not spam you.
Subject = Kontrol Freek and Sticker Contest
Message = Put the annotation that we not so hiddenly hid within the video here and anything else you may want to say
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