Home Games Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD End Of The World Speedrun – HTG
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD End Of The World Speedrun – HTG

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD End Of The World Speedrun – HTG


(HTG) Doug walks you through how to Speedrun the last world in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD, Hollow Bastion. This is it folks, the last world we have to beat before we can finally get our three long awaited trophies. This world has a lot of areas where you have to fight heartless to advance so I did speed this up for you guys. Obviously we will still be going for the Unchanging Armor Trophy and Undefeated Trophy so no dying or changing equipment for us as well. HTG Doug will show you how to Speedrun every Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD level until that Speedster Trophy pops for you. We hope you enjoy!!!

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Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD is out now on PS3.

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