Location: Mission 1 Post Human – Intel locations
Trophy/Achievement Objective: Breaking the Love* (Collecting all Crysis 3 Intel)

(HTG) Brian shows you in mission 1, Post Human, where the 9 pieces of intel are including datapads, propaganda posters and black boxes from the CELL in Crysis 3 on the Playstation 3 Xbox360 and PC. We show you piece by piece as we go along in mission 1 post human. This video also has quick links down below to quickly access the different pieces of intel. Hopefully this info helps you find the 9 pieces of CELL Intel found in Mission 1 Post Human for Crysis 3. Thanks for choosing HappyThumbsGaming for your Crysis 3 needs.

Fast forward quick links:
Intel 01: 00:18
Intel 02: 00:33
Intel 03: 00:48
Intel 04: 01:12
Intel 05: 01:27
Intel 06: 01:55
Intel 07: 02:14
Intel 08: 02:41
Intel 09: 03:22

Trophies/Achievements obtained in video:
No trophy or achievement shown in this video

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