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Crysis 3: Mission 3 – The Root of All Evil Collectables (Intel and Nanosuits) – HTG

Crysis 3: Mission 3 – The Root of All Evil Collectables (Intel and Nanosuits) – HTG


Location: Mission 3 The Root of All Evil – Intel/Nanosuit locations
Trophy/Achievement Objective: Breaking the Love (Collecting all Crysis 3 Intel)

(HTG) Brian shows you in mission 3, The Root of All Evil, where the 10 pieces of intel, including datapads, propaganda posters and black boxes from the CELL as well as the 6 Nanosuit Upgrade Modules in Crysis 3 on the Playstation 3 Xbox360 and PC. We still are unsure of the amount of intel in game, opposed to the totals on the Replay Mission stats screen, that only shows 8 pieces of intel, but we clearly find 10 as you will see in the video. We show you piece by piece as we go along in mission 3 the root of all evil. This video also has quick links down below to quickly access the different pieces of intel and nanosuit upgrades. Hopefully this info helps you find the 10 pieces of CELL Intel and 6 nanosuit upgrade modules found in Mission 3 the root of all evil for Crysis 3. Thanks for choosing HappyThumbsGaming for your Crysis 3 needs.

Fast forward quick links:
Nanosuit 1: 00:18
Intel 01: 01:37
Nanosuit 2: 01:57
Intel 02: 02:31
Intel 03: 03:07
Nanosuit 3: 03:39
Intel 04: 03:51
Intel 05: 04:07
Nanosuit 4: 04:30
Intel 06: 04:47
Intel 07: 05:01
Nanosuit 5: 05:32
Nanosuit 6: 06:00
Intel 08: 06:27
Intel 09: 06:50
Intel 10: 06:58

Trophies/Achievements obtained in video:
No trophy or achievement shown in this video

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