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Borderlands 2: Jimmy Jenkins The Easy Way- HTG

Borderlands 2: Jimmy Jenkins The Easy Way- HTG


(HTG) Jeremy shows you how to find Jimmy Jenkins the Easy way. Follow the video to find a great method on finding Jimmy Jennnnkinssss. He is on the level Wildlife Preserve and you need to have the mission “Doctors Orders” enabled. By following this method each time you make it into the “room” with 4 cardboard boxes next to BloodWinds holding tank, you should wait 60 seconds minimum for the loaders to load.. ironic I know. We have done a total of roughly 100 runs and this method was introduced around our 80th attempts.. Our first 80 yielded NO Jimmy Jenkins robots.. but the next 20 using the above method found us 4… its not a for sure thing but we would rather have a 4 in 20 chance ( lol ) rather then a 0 and 80 chance. Jimmy Jenkins can for sure be a pain in the ass.. but its worth the effort in the long run. Hopefully we helped you find Jimmy Jenkins!

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(HTG) Brian Dad, gamer, husband, and sometimes.. a noob.


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